Thursday, April 28, 2011

60 years & counting

As I mentioned before, Wednesday was Daddy's birthday. He turned 60!!! Not exactly how we thought we might celebrate, but we were thankful to be together & that's all that really matters!

Our staff was in LR for Administrative Assistants Lunch so when we finished, Frances & I went to see Mom & Daddy. I took Daddy his card. Our gift to him was a small CD player so Frances & Dave gave him a couple of CDs to enjoy...James Taylor, Frank Sinatra & Jim Croce. He loves those guys so I know he will enjoy listening to their music since even though he can't play a guitar & sing (yet)! We had a good visit & then it was time for therapy so spent some time w/ Mom then headed back to Benton.

The kids & I left church early so we could head to the hospital to have some special birthday time w/ Daddy, Mom & Uncle Grant (Daniel had to work). For the first time, I tried my hand for the first time at Banana Pudding. This is one of Daddy's 2 favorites...the other is Coconut Cream Pie. He gave me a thumbs up when I told him what I made & he gave the nod of approval as he was eating so I guess I passed! Before he could eat, AK said we had to song "Happy Birthday!" We all sang (no candles since i didn't want us to be the cause of setting off the fire alarm...haha!

AK decided that Grandpa needed a little help eating so she crawled up in the bed w/ him & started feeding him. She was cracking me up bc every time she would give him a bite she would stick her tongue out...that's lots of work to get the spoon to the mouth ;-) Shawn suggested that they make their own cards instead of buying one so that's what we did. They were SO proud of their artwork & those pictures are now decorating Grandpa's room!

We had a great time together & at AK's commanded us in singing "Happy Birthday" probably 5 times! She's all about birthdays! When we would sing, Daddy would point his finger & wave it in the air like he was directing. It was so sweet!!!

Over the past few weeks when I've taken my camera out Daddy would shake his head or give me a look letting me know he didn't want his picture made. Well, he's gotten better in the past couple of days so we were able to get some actual birthday pictures. He & Grant even laughed a little about having to take birthday pictures. It's so nice to do some normal stuff like drive each other crazy bc Mom cuts everyone's head off taking a picture...haha! I decided not to include that one though ;-)

Well, it was a good day for him! Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone on Facebook, word of mouth & cards! That made the day so special!!! Prayers are being answered every day so please continue! We love you all & are so grateful for such a wonderful extended family!!

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