Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Miracle actually happened & it was a success!!!!!!!!

We got a picture with BOTH children on Santa'a lap!!!!! Anna Kate has been some kinda serious about Santa this year & NOT in a good way!

Anytime someone will ask her if Santa is coming to see her, she ducks her head & shakes it in a very emphatic "No!" Then they look at me like I'm the evil, wicked step-mother from Cinderella! So then I explain how we really aren't a fan of the "fat man" as Grandpa affectionately calls her choice NOT anyone else's persuasion!!!!

Shawn & my dad have tried relentlessly to persuade her to reconsider, but she is a red-head & boy is she is stubborn!!!! Finally one a day a couple a couple of weeks ago, she informed someone who asked "the" question that "Santa could take her presents to Nana & Grandpa's house then they would bring them to her!" I was shocked!!! She had seriously been very quietly contemplating this entire strange fat man coming into our house while we sleep matter, and she had figured out a way to have her cake & eat it too!

All of that to say, Shawn's choir from church sang at the courthouse last night at the annual Christmas celebration & guess who happened to be there...Santa & Mrs. Claus were perche in the gazebo greeting visitors throughout the evening. AK decided she wanted to go take a peek from the side over the railing. Then I heard the words that almost made me drop her from arms right then & there out of pure shock...."I want to take a picture with Santa!"

I went back to Daniel & we assessed the situation which was that the line was all the way down one sidewalk, around the corner of the hot chocolate & cookie house and down another sidewalk to the street!!!! Now was not the time for an indecisive 3 year old to be calling the shots. I had watched the line & knew that people had been in lime for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour without even reaching Santa.

We decided that we would walk around to look at all the displays & lights then regroup (have pix on camera for another time). Well, the entire time AK talked about taking a picture with Santa, taking a picture with Santa, and on & on! So what's a Daddy to do except get in line knowing that he's about to spend an hour of his life wasted standing in line to see Santa & have his little girl run in terror.

We had not planned very well & didn't eat before we went. We had no idea that this was the happening place to be in town! So as people were beginning to unravel due to fatigue & lack of nuritionment I took the kids to drive thru "Old Mac Donald's" as it's known at our house, well because it's Benton & that is the closest place to downtown :-p

We went back to have a picnic in the car as AK says to wait for news to approach the target. Daniel text that he had rounded the corner which was our cue to move. Then that he was getting close to the steps so we took off. Thankfully she was still saying, "I want to take a picture w/ Santa."

We only had to wait maybe 5 minutes with Daniel in line which I am very grateful to my husband for! The little boy in front of us seemed to have similar feelings about the fat man as AK & didn't want any part of the experience so I stood in front of AK so she wouldn't see him crying & thrashing about to give her any ideas. Finally, it was our turn...Shawn jumped right up on his lap since he has never had a fear of anyone or anything dressed up! I picked AK up & sat her on Santa's lap and....she smiled!!!!!! She looked up at him & began telling him what she wanted for Christmas! We were taking pictures like nobody's business!!!!

Daniel & I were both I'm shock...think I still am! Ha!

So for not blogging for a few, ok several months, I thought this was a pretty good story to come back with!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a BIG girl now!!!!

I think we officially have a BIG girl on our hands...panties for 6 days straight!!!!! YAY!!!!

AK told me Tuesday morning when getting dressed that she wanted "to wear big girl panties today!". She did & went all day in the potty w/ no accidents! One accident Wednesday & one Thursday then dry yesterday & today! She asks everyone "you so proud of me?" It's so cute!!!!

I'm thrilled to say the least that we have finally reached this milestone. Everyone says girls are so much easier than boys & potty-train sooner...NOT true in our case. Shawn was so easy & basically no accidents. Just went to the potty & that was it & just over 2. Well, AK on the other hand, she's 2 1/2 & has been fighting using the potty. I really was beginning to think she might go to kindergarten in a diaper...that's how strong-willed she's been about the potty!

It's been a very long weekend around here so we spent Saturday night hanging out at home & Shawn enjoying him some Wii time. Shawn had 2 games & they won both (even though I wasn't there to cheer him on). Go Yankees & Braves!!!! I've spend Friday & Saturday at church for a ladies scrapbooking & quilting weekend to raise money for the bus we are taking to Children's camp in Siloam Springs. It's so exciting b/c we are taking 40 children to camp...maybe the largest number & had no way to get there! What a great problem to have! We've chartered a big coach bus so the kids think they are as cool as their older siblings!!!

I'm so exciting about exiting the diaper phase but it also reminds me that AK (and Shawn) are growing so so quickly! I'm loving every minute of it though! I had a very sweet friend tell me when AK was born to embrace each phase & think about what I was missing from the past but wonderful things God had for the present time! I've tried to remember that godly wisdom & am just thankful God has blessed our family with healthy children that grow.

Off to the ballpark once again!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

All my ducks in one basket together

After our crazy busy past few days, we were able to sleep in Saturday morning...til 8! In AD (after diapers) time, that's sleeping in!!!! Shawn actually slept til 8:30, I was jealous!

Since Shawn's baseball games had been cancelled in the anticipation of bad weather we decided to go to the River Market Farmers Market for some fresh fruit & veggies. We had a pretty time together, but AK was still not herself (I think the reeling affects of the versad from Friday). The kids played @ Peabody Park for a while & had a blast. It's a great very natural play area of slides, tunnels, climbing holes & rock wall which explains why I have no pictures bc between me & Daniel we were trying to keep eyes on both kids plus I was still worried about AK not being completely steady on her feet.

Then we headed to the market area and found corn on the cob, new potatoes, green beans & cantalope. Only problem is that somewhere in the process we lost the green beans...I was SO mad!!! We had lunch @ The Flying Fish in the River Market @ Shawn's request for gumbo. Daniel was happy too bc he enjoyed some mudbugs (boiled crawfish)...some of his favs!!!! AK enjoyed chicken, fries, crackers & a chocolate cupcake! ;-)

After lunch, we walked to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks. Shawn has seen them several times, but AK never had. She LOVED it!!!

Shawn started doing duck calls & so AK decided to join in! Haha!

Both were amazed by the 20 floor glass elevators as well. We did go for a short ride before heading out & they loved it!

We had a great morning together & AK seemed to be getting back to normal before bed tonite!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Glad It's The Weekend

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind...literally! This is a long post b/c it's pretty amazing what you can do in a matter of 48 hours when you barely sleep & you have a mom who likes to talk writing about her children.

We got up Thursday before the crack of dawn to meet at church for a staff outing to a St. Louis Cardinals game! It was me, Daniel & Shawn plus twenty other staff & some of their familes. We drove up, enjoyed the game even though they lost, ate dinner @ Lambert's Cafe, Home of Throwed Rolls in Sikeston, MO then begrudgingly began our way home!!!! We pulled in a bit before midnight, but everyone was safe & had a blast!!!!! Boy, we are all exhausted though!

To top it off, Daniel & I were up this morning AGAIN before the crack of dawn to head to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Anna Kate to get her second set of tubes. AK spent the night w/ my parents since we had our day of insane travel so we picked her up about 6:15 & she was WIDE AWAKE playing computer games...working the mouse herself!

We headed to the hospital only following a complete meltdown over a gingerbread man w/ a broken leg that she didn't understand why she couldn't eat!!! So sad, she quickly forgot when we let her play on the playground at the hospital before we checked in.

The hospital check in was a pretty smooth process except AK is apparently too fashionalbly conscious to wear the yellow surgery pants & top so she sported the topless's still G rated!

She found multi-use for the phone by using it a phone to talk w/ Mickey Mouse! She did well with everything & a little before 9 they gave her some Versad and then the real entertainment began. I know it is very sad to have enjoyed the entertainment brought by a 2 1/2 year old on a mind-altering prescription med but after you've only had 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours it doesn't take much!

Once she got the med, every time she moved it was in SLOW motion & became a limp noodle.

This was the sweet face we said good bye to as they wheeled her into the OR suite. We kissed her & said bye then she just looked up at the nurse like oh I'm going with you!

She was back only about 10 minutes most!!! Dr. Ritcher was pleased wih how everything went well. He also drew blood for some lab work to check her immune system since she has literally has a runny nose every day of of her life for the past 2 years despite all kinds of allergy meds & nose sprays. He said we would get hose results @ her post-op appointment in a few weeks.

She came out of surgery pretty well & only cried until they brought her some apple juice & when she saw one of the monitor leads on her chest which she promptly just grabbed then pulled off herself...can you say ouch? Then she downed 2 cups of juice looked at the nurses & said "I need more please." One of our sweet nurses was a friend of ours Shannon. She was amazing & we were so thankful for that surprise blessing of a precious Christian nurse whom we knew! When we asked AK if she was ready to leave she told me twice "No, not yet!!!" Who wouldn't want to stay with all the attention she was getting not to mention the princess service & wonderful meds?!?!?

We made one last stop at the playground before leaving then on our way to the van AK realized that he never received her "pink popsicle" the nurse told her she would get after surgery. She was devastated. We calmed things over with a trip to Purple Cow b/c she had ready asked if we could go there @ 6 this am. She ate chips & ketchup then again realized no "pink popsicle." She will definitely be getting one tonight!

Well, we have all napped & ready for a quite night! I'll post pictures of the ballgame this more of photograph adventure last weekend soon!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weary Wednesday

AK & I are laying on the couch relaxing bc we are both under the weather! I had a very sore throat yesterday & started running fever last night...yuck! And it's not just allergies!!! I'm going to the doctor this afternoon & will be glad to get some good meds to kick this stuff!

As I was laying in bed last night struggling to breathe & pretty much miserable, I hear a soft thumping then have Anna Kate informing me that she "choked" up. Yep, she did all in het bed so I cleaned her & Daniel cleaned the bed! She hasn't had any fever so I really think he did just get gagged...that's actually a fairly common occurance for AK!

We just need to stay well enough to get her tubes put in on Friday & I have to be well enough for a very long day trip to St. Louis tomorrow for a Cardinals game! Our staff is taking the day & traveling to St. Louis for a fun day! I'm so excited!

After we took Shawn to school, I needed a DP so we went to Sonic! I haven't been once this week & it's Wednesday! When we got there, she informed me that she needed chicken & since she didn't eat dinner I decided to indulge her. He joined me in the front seat to eat her chicken & yell at the random man 3 spaces down from us! Yes that is correct, she started yelling "guy, guy!" to some man in a truck who was working very hard to not look her direction which only encouraged her more!

She finished her chicken & cuddled back up in her seat with her giggle baby & "cobers."

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

New Month...New Post

Well, it's about time I update this blog!  Needless to say April was VERY busy month!  Today was Shawn's spring field trip for school & we went to Little Rock to see the new Disney movie Oceans.  The movie was amazing!!!  I could have done without some of their statements & ideas regarding creation, but it was a great opportunity to remind Shawn of who God is & what He did in creating our amazing earth!  Uncle Grant joined us at the movie then afterwards we headed to the Purple Cow for lunch.  Ashley, Anna Kate & mom met us there.  Yummy, yummy for the hot fudge shake that I enjoyed!

After lunch, Uncle Grant headed to work so we ventured to North Little Rock to The Old Mill for some photo opps.  We got some great ones!  After The Old Mill, we went to a local park & pond for some more fun.  These pictures are from just The Old Mill.  I'll share the park & pond hopefully later this weekend.

I'm so glad we got some great photos of our precious children.  Hope everyone enjoys!

Are we finished yet???

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend Away

This past weekend, Daniel & I had the opportunity to go away for a few days alone...well, over 750 technically!  We attended a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference in Branson, Missouri.  It was an absolutely wonderful time just the two of us though! 

Something really fun happened while at the conference.  After one of the sessions, I noticed a name tag & recognized the name & she looked REALLY familiar b/c I read her blog all the time!  We ended up next to each other on the escaltor so I worked up the courage to say "I just have to ask...are you Sarah Martin?"  She said, "Yes" to which I responded "I read your blog!"  We both became somewhat giddy.  She was so sweet to visit with & I was so excited to meet my first blogging friend.  We saw each other again on Sunday & were able to get a picture together.

Thank you Sarah for being so gracious to a new blogger who has been reading all about your life for the past few months.  It was so good to meet you! 

We were also able to visit with some very dear friends in Fayetteville before heading to Branson.  We spent Thursday & part of Friday with the Francis' and her family, which we greatly enjoyed!  They took us to some great eating places b/c she knows that is my favorite pastime!  We enjoyed wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches & soup @ Hammomtree's; the excitement of the Catfish Hole then amazing frozen yogurt from the Orange Mango!  WOW!!!  Seriously though, more than anything we so enjoyed our time together catching up as well as giving me time to love on sweet Brody!  Love that boy!

A special thank you to my parents for keeping our children for this wonderful time away!!!  We truly appreciate all they do for us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter & time with family celebrating our RISEN Savior!

Blessings this Easter!

He is RISEN!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fancy Nancy

Anna Kate pulled out her dress up stuff & then decided to be the photographer instead of the model.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts for the Week

I've planned on updating every day this then just haven't gotten around to it. Ill blame it on tje time change. I'm sure that has something to do with it...that's the reason for everything that goes wrong this week right??? Here's our week in a brief nutshell...

Sunday was RA Race Day when the boys build their wooden derby cars then race them. We had a hot dog lunch & the lunch money went to Dixsonville Baptist Church (same church that had the garage sale on Saturday). The boys raised over $400!!! We were so excited! Pics of race day will follow bc guess who forgot the camera??? Not that it would have mattered. We were expecting about 75 or maybe 100 people...we had about 150! It was WILD & CRAZY buy wonderful! Here is a sneak peak of the leaders getting the track ready when we were setting up Saturday!

I took a MHD (Mental Health Day) on Monday. I was looking forward to staying home all day ALONE in a very clean house...except for laundry. So, what did I actually do???? I took Shawn to school then dropped AK off at Stephanie's...quiet day @ home, right? Wrong! Shawn needed to go to the doctor so I called and surprisingly I got an appt for 9:20 so I went back & picked Shawn up from school to head to the doctor.

We were able to actually see our doctor on her first back in the office after maternity & medical leave from her daughter's heart surgeries. We were so glad to see her back in her normal environment & being happy to be there. We've prayed so hard for baby Brooklyn to be healthy! Praise the Lord!

When we left the doctor, I told Shawn we would run one errand since we were in Little Rock then I wouldtake him to lunch. Well, he decided he was hungry so we went across the street to MiMi's Cafe for "brunch." We enjoyed a great breakfast together...Shawn discovered he liked omelettes! Also, here's the proff that he enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes too!

So after breakfast, we ran a few errands still with the intention of Shawn going back to school. Well, we ended up doing more & more so he never went back. Oh well, we had a great time & he can make up school work! In Penney's, Shawn picked out a swimsuit for me...what do y'all think????

Hate to confess, but I never tried it on! Not sure why??? Just kidding. I know exactly why!

On Tuesday, Shawn had his first baseball practice. They had a great practice & I think their little team looks pretty good! Pics of that to come also.

Here's AK's newest cute hairdo...

Shawn came home from church last not feeling very well & running 99 temp. He never got sick so I think it was probably the 2 cinnamon twists & piece of Mississippi Mud Cake that he had when he got home from school!

This afternoon, we played outside when I got home from church. The Bradford Pear tree stink so so bad!!! And my eyes itch! Then we ended the evening with Chick-A-Fil-A as AK calls it!

Decisions decisions about tomorrow...whether to send Shawn to school or not??? Today was Parent-Teacher conference & we recieved a good report. Also his teacher told me she's out tomorrow so for me to use my discretion!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Going to rest my brain since the benedryl has kicked in!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Day

Today has been a very busy day at our house. Everyone has had chores...some more than others. Daniel & I are hosting dinner at our house tonite for some new parents from church who will soon be partiipating in our Baby & Family Dedication Service next month. We've been busy all week getting ready & I used the opportunity to clean out lots of stuff too!!!

My friend, Ashley, who works with me & her husband, Brent, had put together a large garage sale for the little churh where he is pastoring. They asked people to donate their items & they're having the sale in our church's bus barn. The last report was that they were having a really good morning...YAY!!!! They ate raising money for these children & youth to go to camp this summer! So Brent came & loaded up a bunch of stuff which helped us all!

I've been a little overwhelmed this week preparing in my mind for tonite so what did I do???? Started a new project!!!! I painted this bookcase that came from Wal-Mart black. It looks completely different. I forgot the before but just imagine a $30 bookshelf that's probably 15 years old & you'll get the picture.

I'm very pleased!!!!

Here's a picture of one of the tables...again, very please. The pictures are terrible bc like I have time to download real ones & pull of dinner for 12!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Pictures of the children will be next time ;-)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Die Hard Fans

Today is an very important least for my boys! Tonite is the Duke & North Carolina game. Daniel & I had talked about going to Hot Springs to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings & watch the game, but them we just decided to stay in town since we had spent most of the afternoon cleaning. We went to eat Chinese food then head home for the game.

Needless to say at this point in the game, their loyalty & enthusiasm isn't helping their team much...they're losing by more than twenty points. They look good regardless!

Anna Kate is sporting her Carolina shirt too, but her eye matches team colors just as well as her shirt!

She fell at the park on Thursday so it is making it's way through a rainbow of colors. We have laughed b/c she has perfect eye makeup! She has told everyone she sees what happened as she poits to her eye then pokes her finger on the spot...OUCH!!! She keeps doing it so it must not hurt too bad?!?!

It's been an absolutely beautiful day so I hope you've enjoyed your day. It's been a good Saturday...just not long enough!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Pajama Party!

I had mentioned our Preschool Pajama Party & wanted to share a few pictures of the evening. We had such a good time!!! It's one of my favorite events. I'll try not to go into picture overload, but definitely have to share some sweet pictures of my friend, Sara's babies & their family since they were able to join us for this special night. She has been waiting very patiently all week for me to get these pictures posted.  I've been having some picture loading issues so a HUGE Thank You to Jennifer for getting me fixed!  YAY!
This Saras daughter, Lilly!

My wonderful husband came to help out so he & Lilly's DeDe served up breakfast while Lilly's grandpa cooked the french toast sticks & bacon...YUM!
Sara & baby Reid

Me & Miss Lilly

Lilly & her DeDe shaving!

What a wonderful date night when both kids spend the night at grandparents???

We went to eat REAL breakfast food afterwards @ Cracker Barrell...per husbands request for his help :-)
(Kinda hard to see, but my new jammies have coffee & tea on them...maybe that's why I like the pj party is b/c I get new jammies?!?!)  We had a great night though & I am so glad that everyone else had fun too! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Will have more stories about our crazy family this weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New look!

As you can tell, I have a new blog look. I don't think I'm finished yet bc I would like to add some black & white pictures, but it will have to be a work in progress! It's been a very long day! However, it felt very good to actually start & finish a small project! This was a big deal for me to change the background & set a new banner since Jennifer had set my blog up to begin with! I didn't have a clue but it wasn't too bad!

I was exhausted ghis afternoon so I declared that someone else was cooking dinner! Shawn said TaMolly's so that's where we went! It was good but sometimes it's too much work to go out! I'm still thinking that AK may be working on an ear infection bc she can't get enough of the passy! She's been doing really well but I think the sucking must relieve some pressure in her ears?!?!?

Mom took the kids to the park this afternoon after school & they had a blast with the dirt to prove it! Here's a picture of AK's kids just dirt! Couldn't get AK to cooperate for a picture of her face & Shawn's a little old to take bath pictures;-)

She also fell & hit her eye. She kept telling everyone "I fall & hit my eye right here" then she points & POKES the purple knot! I just keep telling her to stop poking it! Shawn was covered literally from head to toe! They both had to bathe before we could go eat!

So that's the brief summary of the day! I'm headed to attempt a meeting with Mr. Sandman! Wish me luck!

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!!


3 a.m. Ramblings

Yes, I know it's 3 am & trust me I wish I was sleeping!!!! Mr. Sandman & I will be having a meeting soon to discuss his inconsistent work habits. I've just been very restless the past few nights & I think my brain is racing at sonic speed even when I'm trying to sleep.

Things at church hve been good but crazy...and as my assitant keeps reminding me "you scheduled all this!". Yes, so true & I'm making everyone suffer along w/ me :-). Not really & please don't think she's is being disrespectful...totally not the case! He's worried about us! Last Monday, was our annual Father-Daughter Banquet. It was a wonderful evening & everything went well. We then had our Preschool Pajama Party on Friday nite! That one is not so much work as it is fun! Wearing your pjs to work, eating French toast sticks & bacon (one my personal food groups), spiking hair w/ 1982 gel, putting on makeup & little boys shaving their faces using popsicle sticks...excuse me, I believe the appropriate pc term is craft stick!

I'll hopefully upload pictures of the PJ Party tomorrow. My friend, Sara, & her family came into town to visit her husband's so they brought Lillly & Reid to join the fun! Lilly & Reid's gramdparents & great aunt are a huge part of our Preschool ministry so they were all there It was so good to see them & I know she's dying for me to post pictures. I promise TODAY as soon as I get Ashley's camera!!!!

To top it off, Sunday we hosted a Preschool Ministry Shower asking for some new items for our Preschool ministry. I am amazed & overwhelmed at te generosity of our people! They are still bringing in gifts & money. It's wonderful! I can't wait to go shopping! So as you can tell life is never boring & as our pastor says "Welcome to church work!" I love the ministry God has given me, but do miss my family when it gets crazy! My heart & mind have also been heavy since last week for some very sweet friends who were about to have the first anniversary of their son's entry into the arms of Jesus. It's been a long year for them & their family as you can only imagine. I have been praying for them as they navigate these waters. I was at the hospital the day Max died & that day will ever be etched in my memory & my heart! His tiny life making such an impact on so many people & how his family has strived to glorify God through their heartache. Their life mantra during that time & remains "Live to the Max!" That's what I want to do is live to the max for the Lord!!!! I'm so thankful that God places me in people's lives to walk journeys with them but to also teach me & bless me along the way!

On the family front, Shawn is doing well & ready for baseball to start. His team wa having trouble finding a field for practice bc of some weird field renting rules, see I know exactly what's going on, but I think they have that square away now. Anna Kate is ok...I think! My friend, Kay, had agreed to keep her yesterday for a few hours while her regular sitter, Stephanie, had her pregnancy glorious glucose test. Well, let's just say we were @ Kay's for about 10 minutes & she managed to yak 4 times in 4 different locations! Yep...and they all had the virus last week!!! So I quicky kept moving her from one spot to another when we threw up, or choked up as she says, which led to the 4 spots & finally the garage steps w/ a plastic container! We came on back home where she got "comfy" out of jeans into some akin tight leggings...we hve differing opinions on comfort! Never another epipisode!!!! She was fine the rest of the day!!!! 2 boxes of raisens, cheetos, a lunchable & a bottle of water in a matter of a couple of hours! Kay & I agree we don't think it was the bug bc it didn't have the bug smell, I know tmi for some. She always has lots of drainage so I think she just didn't have food on her stomach & she had drank some tea. Go ahead lecture me on that one but the girl likes her some sweet tea!!!! She had breakfast in her backpack but never made it that far. She's in bed w/ us now & has been very restless so we may be visiting the doc tomorrow to check her ears. We go see our ENT next Thursday so I was hoping to make it til then without another ear infection so we'll see.

Ok, so it's now 4 & I've written every rambling thought in my head so I'm going to see if I can now get a little more sleep before I have to get up. It's Thursday Prayer day so my prayer girls will be here @ 6:30!!!

Just a little picture to make you smile & see why I don't wear leggings & a red shoes make the outfit complete, don't ya think???? Don't think she's really sick either!

Happy Thursday everybody!!! It's mh Friday, except tomorrow nite I get to go the PROCLAIM (our name for Bible Drill) Scavenger Hunt...whoo hoo!!!! What doesn't sound like fun about that....eating pizza, reciting Scripture (guess that should be first on the fun list), singing Mr. Shea's silly songs & running the ENTIRE church in the dark w/ just a flashlight & a group of friends (and adults, of course)!!!! I'm in!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Spring is just around the corner so it's the beginning of baseball season at our house. Shawn is going to play on a team in Little Rock this season so I'm anxious & excited at the same time...I'm not big on change! ;-) However, Daniel found out this week that is head coach is a guy that is a wonderful Christian who Daniel greatly respects. That is HUGE so I believe that's an affirmation having Shawn in the right place!!!

We've had beautiful weather here for he past few days with almost like spring temperatures so Shawn has been wanting to play some ball. Today was pretty cloudy but the boys got out for some ball practice. (Daniel took pictures w/ his phone so they're not wonderful, but they'll work.)

Yesterday, Anna Kate & I spent the morning at church setting up for Father-Daughter Banquet this Monday nite. She was GREAT so when we finished we went to her favorite place, Chik-A-Fil-A ( as she calls it). She ate well & played hard. Nana was with us, and when we finished we decided to make a stop at Old Navy & Target. Don't I look cute?!?!

Anna Kate enjoyed shopping too, but being so good ALL day long can really wear a girl out...this is how she was when we got to school to pick Shawn up. She fell asleep literally in mid-sentence...poor baby!

My week was busy (banquet prep, GA Lock-In & lots of loving on some hurting people) & will continue with banquet Monday then our Preschool Pajama Party is this coming Friday nite so I enjoyed being home with my family today for some special time of watching Olympics & relaxing! Watching the Olympics is really making me want to go skiing but after broomball a few weeks ago I think this body would greatly revolt! Well, Sunday's coming early so I'm hitting the sack.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!