Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Day

Today has been a very busy day at our house. Everyone has had chores...some more than others. Daniel & I are hosting dinner at our house tonite for some new parents from church who will soon be partiipating in our Baby & Family Dedication Service next month. We've been busy all week getting ready & I used the opportunity to clean out lots of stuff too!!!

My friend, Ashley, who works with me & her husband, Brent, had put together a large garage sale for the little churh where he is pastoring. They asked people to donate their items & they're having the sale in our church's bus barn. The last report was that they were having a really good morning...YAY!!!! They ate raising money for these children & youth to go to camp this summer! So Brent came & loaded up a bunch of stuff which helped us all!

I've been a little overwhelmed this week preparing in my mind for tonite so what did I do???? Started a new project!!!! I painted this bookcase that came from Wal-Mart black. It looks completely different. I forgot the before but just imagine a $30 bookshelf that's probably 15 years old & you'll get the picture.

I'm very pleased!!!!

Here's a picture of one of the tables...again, very please. The pictures are terrible bc like I have time to download real ones & pull of dinner for 12!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Pictures of the children will be next time ;-)


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