Thursday, March 4, 2010

New look!

As you can tell, I have a new blog look. I don't think I'm finished yet bc I would like to add some black & white pictures, but it will have to be a work in progress! It's been a very long day! However, it felt very good to actually start & finish a small project! This was a big deal for me to change the background & set a new banner since Jennifer had set my blog up to begin with! I didn't have a clue but it wasn't too bad!

I was exhausted ghis afternoon so I declared that someone else was cooking dinner! Shawn said TaMolly's so that's where we went! It was good but sometimes it's too much work to go out! I'm still thinking that AK may be working on an ear infection bc she can't get enough of the passy! She's been doing really well but I think the sucking must relieve some pressure in her ears?!?!?

Mom took the kids to the park this afternoon after school & they had a blast with the dirt to prove it! Here's a picture of AK's kids just dirt! Couldn't get AK to cooperate for a picture of her face & Shawn's a little old to take bath pictures;-)

She also fell & hit her eye. She kept telling everyone "I fall & hit my eye right here" then she points & POKES the purple knot! I just keep telling her to stop poking it! Shawn was covered literally from head to toe! They both had to bathe before we could go eat!

So that's the brief summary of the day! I'm headed to attempt a meeting with Mr. Sandman! Wish me luck!

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!!


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  1. LOVE your new look. I am going to do one soon. I have been wanting to get a picture of my two cuties together but I am about to just have to figure it out!