Friday, March 5, 2010

Pajama Party!

I had mentioned our Preschool Pajama Party & wanted to share a few pictures of the evening. We had such a good time!!! It's one of my favorite events. I'll try not to go into picture overload, but definitely have to share some sweet pictures of my friend, Sara's babies & their family since they were able to join us for this special night. She has been waiting very patiently all week for me to get these pictures posted.  I've been having some picture loading issues so a HUGE Thank You to Jennifer for getting me fixed!  YAY!
This Saras daughter, Lilly!

My wonderful husband came to help out so he & Lilly's DeDe served up breakfast while Lilly's grandpa cooked the french toast sticks & bacon...YUM!
Sara & baby Reid

Me & Miss Lilly

Lilly & her DeDe shaving!

What a wonderful date night when both kids spend the night at grandparents???

We went to eat REAL breakfast food afterwards @ Cracker Barrell...per husbands request for his help :-)
(Kinda hard to see, but my new jammies have coffee & tea on them...maybe that's why I like the pj party is b/c I get new jammies?!?!)  We had a great night though & I am so glad that everyone else had fun too! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Will have more stories about our crazy family this weekend!


  1. Those are cute! It really is such a good time and you guys are so creative with the activities you had set up!!! Your PJs were cute. I should've worn mine--how is it possible that I missed an opportunity to wear comfy PJs in public??? Or missed a reason to get Lilly and I matching PJs...oh the regrets I am having!! LOL...semi-joking.

    Thanks for the pictures. I was too exhausted to get the camera out. (c;

  2. Cute PJ post! I didn't even notive Anna Kate's eye on Sunday, so it must be getting better. The kids had fun at the PJ Party. Have a good week! E