Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Miracle actually happened & it was a success!!!!!!!!

We got a picture with BOTH children on Santa'a lap!!!!! Anna Kate has been some kinda serious about Santa this year & NOT in a good way!

Anytime someone will ask her if Santa is coming to see her, she ducks her head & shakes it in a very emphatic "No!" Then they look at me like I'm the evil, wicked step-mother from Cinderella! So then I explain how we really aren't a fan of the "fat man" as Grandpa affectionately calls her choice NOT anyone else's persuasion!!!!

Shawn & my dad have tried relentlessly to persuade her to reconsider, but she is a red-head & boy is she is stubborn!!!! Finally one a day a couple a couple of weeks ago, she informed someone who asked "the" question that "Santa could take her presents to Nana & Grandpa's house then they would bring them to her!" I was shocked!!! She had seriously been very quietly contemplating this entire strange fat man coming into our house while we sleep matter, and she had figured out a way to have her cake & eat it too!

All of that to say, Shawn's choir from church sang at the courthouse last night at the annual Christmas celebration & guess who happened to be there...Santa & Mrs. Claus were perche in the gazebo greeting visitors throughout the evening. AK decided she wanted to go take a peek from the side over the railing. Then I heard the words that almost made me drop her from arms right then & there out of pure shock...."I want to take a picture with Santa!"

I went back to Daniel & we assessed the situation which was that the line was all the way down one sidewalk, around the corner of the hot chocolate & cookie house and down another sidewalk to the street!!!! Now was not the time for an indecisive 3 year old to be calling the shots. I had watched the line & knew that people had been in lime for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour without even reaching Santa.

We decided that we would walk around to look at all the displays & lights then regroup (have pix on camera for another time). Well, the entire time AK talked about taking a picture with Santa, taking a picture with Santa, and on & on! So what's a Daddy to do except get in line knowing that he's about to spend an hour of his life wasted standing in line to see Santa & have his little girl run in terror.

We had not planned very well & didn't eat before we went. We had no idea that this was the happening place to be in town! So as people were beginning to unravel due to fatigue & lack of nuritionment I took the kids to drive thru "Old Mac Donald's" as it's known at our house, well because it's Benton & that is the closest place to downtown :-p

We went back to have a picnic in the car as AK says to wait for news to approach the target. Daniel text that he had rounded the corner which was our cue to move. Then that he was getting close to the steps so we took off. Thankfully she was still saying, "I want to take a picture w/ Santa."

We only had to wait maybe 5 minutes with Daniel in line which I am very grateful to my husband for! The little boy in front of us seemed to have similar feelings about the fat man as AK & didn't want any part of the experience so I stood in front of AK so she wouldn't see him crying & thrashing about to give her any ideas. Finally, it was our turn...Shawn jumped right up on his lap since he has never had a fear of anyone or anything dressed up! I picked AK up & sat her on Santa's lap and....she smiled!!!!!! She looked up at him & began telling him what she wanted for Christmas! We were taking pictures like nobody's business!!!!

Daniel & I were both I'm shock...think I still am! Ha!

So for not blogging for a few, ok several months, I thought this was a pretty good story to come back with!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!