Friday, February 11, 2011

A Great Friday

This afternoon, AK & I went to have her fitted for her flower girl dress for Jill & Brandon's wedding in April. She was completely facinated to go to the "dress store." She sat at the desk waiting on our consultant just like a grown-up...even the lady commmetted about how well behaved she was. Trust me, it was her being in pure awe...not her typical behavior in a store. She's not bad, but she just has lots of energy! Ha!

While she was trying on the dress she looked up at me & said, "I'm going to look like Stacy!" She attended our her first wedding a few weeks ago for our student minister, Clay, & his wonderful bride, Stacy! She has been in awe ever since of weddings, pretty princess dresses, and ultimately Miss America! Ha!

Once she came out of the dressing room & saw herself in the mirrors, her real personality came out! She started twirling & singing..."I'm going to be the flower girl! I'm going to be the flower girl!".

Her real dress will be an eggplant with an ivory sash! I can't to see the real one on her!!

Shawn was hanging out @ Nana & Grandpa's while did the girly dress thing so when we got back to place she decided she wanted to spend the night with them that meant that I was able to have a date night with my special boy!

We have all been craving Chinese food so we ate China Buffet then headed to Hastings or coffee & Shawn picked out a book for his Valentine's Day gift! Then a quick trip to Wally World.

Now we are on the couch together...Shawn has his book & I'm blogging!!

I would say close to a perfect afternoon...only better if I had had a date with my man in there somewhere!!! Maybe soon!