Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend Away

This past weekend, Daniel & I had the opportunity to go away for a few days alone...well, over 750 technically!  We attended a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference in Branson, Missouri.  It was an absolutely wonderful time just the two of us though! 

Something really fun happened while at the conference.  After one of the sessions, I noticed a name tag & recognized the name & she looked REALLY familiar b/c I read her blog all the time!  We ended up next to each other on the escaltor so I worked up the courage to say "I just have to ask...are you Sarah Martin?"  She said, "Yes" to which I responded "I read your blog!"  We both became somewhat giddy.  She was so sweet to visit with & I was so excited to meet my first blogging friend.  We saw each other again on Sunday & were able to get a picture together.

Thank you Sarah for being so gracious to a new blogger who has been reading all about your life for the past few months.  It was so good to meet you! 

We were also able to visit with some very dear friends in Fayetteville before heading to Branson.  We spent Thursday & part of Friday with the Francis' and her family, which we greatly enjoyed!  They took us to some great eating places b/c she knows that is my favorite pastime!  We enjoyed wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches & soup @ Hammomtree's; the excitement of the Catfish Hole then amazing frozen yogurt from the Orange Mango!  WOW!!!  Seriously though, more than anything we so enjoyed our time together catching up as well as giving me time to love on sweet Brody!  Love that boy!

A special thank you to my parents for keeping our children for this wonderful time away!!!  We truly appreciate all they do for us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter & time with family celebrating our RISEN Savior!

Blessings this Easter!

He is RISEN!!!!