Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 a.m. Ramblings

Yes, I know it's 3 am & trust me I wish I was sleeping!!!! Mr. Sandman & I will be having a meeting soon to discuss his inconsistent work habits. I've just been very restless the past few nights & I think my brain is racing at sonic speed even when I'm trying to sleep.

Things at church hve been good but crazy...and as my assitant keeps reminding me "you scheduled all this!". Yes, so true & I'm making everyone suffer along w/ me :-). Not really & please don't think she's is being disrespectful...totally not the case! He's worried about us! Last Monday, was our annual Father-Daughter Banquet. It was a wonderful evening & everything went well. We then had our Preschool Pajama Party on Friday nite! That one is not so much work as it is fun! Wearing your pjs to work, eating French toast sticks & bacon (one my personal food groups), spiking hair w/ 1982 gel, putting on makeup & little boys shaving their faces using popsicle sticks...excuse me, I believe the appropriate pc term is craft stick!

I'll hopefully upload pictures of the PJ Party tomorrow. My friend, Sara, & her family came into town to visit her husband's so they brought Lillly & Reid to join the fun! Lilly & Reid's gramdparents & great aunt are a huge part of our Preschool ministry so they were all there It was so good to see them & I know she's dying for me to post pictures. I promise TODAY as soon as I get Ashley's camera!!!!

To top it off, Sunday we hosted a Preschool Ministry Shower asking for some new items for our Preschool ministry. I am amazed & overwhelmed at te generosity of our people! They are still bringing in gifts & money. It's wonderful! I can't wait to go shopping! So as you can tell life is never boring & as our pastor says "Welcome to church work!" I love the ministry God has given me, but do miss my family when it gets crazy! My heart & mind have also been heavy since last week for some very sweet friends who were about to have the first anniversary of their son's entry into the arms of Jesus. It's been a long year for them & their family as you can only imagine. I have been praying for them as they navigate these waters. I was at the hospital the day Max died & that day will ever be etched in my memory & my heart! His tiny life making such an impact on so many people & how his family has strived to glorify God through their heartache. Their life mantra during that time & remains "Live to the Max!" That's what I want to do is live to the max for the Lord!!!! I'm so thankful that God places me in people's lives to walk journeys with them but to also teach me & bless me along the way!

On the family front, Shawn is doing well & ready for baseball to start. His team wa having trouble finding a field for practice bc of some weird field renting rules, see I know exactly what's going on, but I think they have that square away now. Anna Kate is ok...I think! My friend, Kay, had agreed to keep her yesterday for a few hours while her regular sitter, Stephanie, had her pregnancy glorious glucose test. Well, let's just say we were @ Kay's for about 10 minutes & she managed to yak 4 times in 4 different locations! Yep...and they all had the virus last week!!! So I quicky kept moving her from one spot to another when we threw up, or choked up as she says, which led to the 4 spots & finally the garage steps w/ a plastic container! We came on back home where she got "comfy" out of jeans into some akin tight leggings...we hve differing opinions on comfort! Never another epipisode!!!! She was fine the rest of the day!!!! 2 boxes of raisens, cheetos, a lunchable & a bottle of water in a matter of a couple of hours! Kay & I agree we don't think it was the bug bc it didn't have the bug smell, I know tmi for some. She always has lots of drainage so I think she just didn't have food on her stomach & she had drank some tea. Go ahead lecture me on that one but the girl likes her some sweet tea!!!! She had breakfast in her backpack but never made it that far. She's in bed w/ us now & has been very restless so we may be visiting the doc tomorrow to check her ears. We go see our ENT next Thursday so I was hoping to make it til then without another ear infection so we'll see.

Ok, so it's now 4 & I've written every rambling thought in my head so I'm going to see if I can now get a little more sleep before I have to get up. It's Thursday Prayer day so my prayer girls will be here @ 6:30!!!

Just a little picture to make you smile & see why I don't wear leggings & a red shoes make the outfit complete, don't ya think???? Don't think she's really sick either!

Happy Thursday everybody!!! It's mh Friday, except tomorrow nite I get to go the PROCLAIM (our name for Bible Drill) Scavenger Hunt...whoo hoo!!!! What doesn't sound like fun about that....eating pizza, reciting Scripture (guess that should be first on the fun list), singing Mr. Shea's silly songs & running the ENTIRE church in the dark w/ just a flashlight & a group of friends (and adults, of course)!!!! I'm in!

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  1. I enjoyed your ramblings! Don't you hate it when you are awake thinking.."if I fall asleep now, I will get 3 hours of sleep"...then 30 minutes later..."if I fall asleep now...".

    I have been thinking and praying for Max's family too. I just can not imagine.

    Bless Anna Kate's heart! I just LOVE her cheeks--she is just like a beautiful little doll.

    Again it was so good to see you guys...and I am excited to see the photos! Haha.