Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts for the Week

I've planned on updating every day this then just haven't gotten around to it. Ill blame it on tje time change. I'm sure that has something to do with it...that's the reason for everything that goes wrong this week right??? Here's our week in a brief nutshell...

Sunday was RA Race Day when the boys build their wooden derby cars then race them. We had a hot dog lunch & the lunch money went to Dixsonville Baptist Church (same church that had the garage sale on Saturday). The boys raised over $400!!! We were so excited! Pics of race day will follow bc guess who forgot the camera??? Not that it would have mattered. We were expecting about 75 or maybe 100 people...we had about 150! It was WILD & CRAZY buy wonderful! Here is a sneak peak of the leaders getting the track ready when we were setting up Saturday!

I took a MHD (Mental Health Day) on Monday. I was looking forward to staying home all day ALONE in a very clean house...except for laundry. So, what did I actually do???? I took Shawn to school then dropped AK off at Stephanie's...quiet day @ home, right? Wrong! Shawn needed to go to the doctor so I called and surprisingly I got an appt for 9:20 so I went back & picked Shawn up from school to head to the doctor.

We were able to actually see our doctor on her first back in the office after maternity & medical leave from her daughter's heart surgeries. We were so glad to see her back in her normal environment & being happy to be there. We've prayed so hard for baby Brooklyn to be healthy! Praise the Lord!

When we left the doctor, I told Shawn we would run one errand since we were in Little Rock then I wouldtake him to lunch. Well, he decided he was hungry so we went across the street to MiMi's Cafe for "brunch." We enjoyed a great breakfast together...Shawn discovered he liked omelettes! Also, here's the proff that he enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes too!

So after breakfast, we ran a few errands still with the intention of Shawn going back to school. Well, we ended up doing more & more so he never went back. Oh well, we had a great time & he can make up school work! In Penney's, Shawn picked out a swimsuit for me...what do y'all think????

Hate to confess, but I never tried it on! Not sure why??? Just kidding. I know exactly why!

On Tuesday, Shawn had his first baseball practice. They had a great practice & I think their little team looks pretty good! Pics of that to come also.

Here's AK's newest cute hairdo...

Shawn came home from church last not feeling very well & running 99 temp. He never got sick so I think it was probably the 2 cinnamon twists & piece of Mississippi Mud Cake that he had when he got home from school!

This afternoon, we played outside when I got home from church. The Bradford Pear tree stink so so bad!!! And my eyes itch! Then we ended the evening with Chick-A-Fil-A as AK calls it!

Decisions decisions about tomorrow...whether to send Shawn to school or not??? Today was Parent-Teacher conference & we recieved a good report. Also his teacher told me she's out tomorrow so for me to use my discretion!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Going to rest my brain since the benedryl has kicked in!!!

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