Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm a BIG girl now!!!!

I think we officially have a BIG girl on our hands...panties for 6 days straight!!!!! YAY!!!!

AK told me Tuesday morning when getting dressed that she wanted "to wear big girl panties today!". She did & went all day in the potty w/ no accidents! One accident Wednesday & one Thursday then dry yesterday & today! She asks everyone "you so proud of me?" It's so cute!!!!

I'm thrilled to say the least that we have finally reached this milestone. Everyone says girls are so much easier than boys & potty-train sooner...NOT true in our case. Shawn was so easy & basically no accidents. Just went to the potty & that was it & just over 2. Well, AK on the other hand, she's 2 1/2 & has been fighting using the potty. I really was beginning to think she might go to kindergarten in a diaper...that's how strong-willed she's been about the potty!

It's been a very long weekend around here so we spent Saturday night hanging out at home & Shawn enjoying him some Wii time. Shawn had 2 games & they won both (even though I wasn't there to cheer him on). Go Yankees & Braves!!!! I've spend Friday & Saturday at church for a ladies scrapbooking & quilting weekend to raise money for the bus we are taking to Children's camp in Siloam Springs. It's so exciting b/c we are taking 40 children to camp...maybe the largest number & had no way to get there! What a great problem to have! We've chartered a big coach bus so the kids think they are as cool as their older siblings!!!

I'm so exciting about exiting the diaper phase but it also reminds me that AK (and Shawn) are growing so so quickly! I'm loving every minute of it though! I had a very sweet friend tell me when AK was born to embrace each phase & think about what I was missing from the past but wonderful things God had for the present time! I've tried to remember that godly wisdom & am just thankful God has blessed our family with healthy children that grow.

Off to the ballpark once again!


  1. I am going to have to start thinking about potty training Sarah Kate soon. Your little girl is so cute. She looks like a little old fashioned baby.