Friday, May 14, 2010

Glad It's The Weekend

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind...literally! This is a long post b/c it's pretty amazing what you can do in a matter of 48 hours when you barely sleep & you have a mom who likes to talk writing about her children.

We got up Thursday before the crack of dawn to meet at church for a staff outing to a St. Louis Cardinals game! It was me, Daniel & Shawn plus twenty other staff & some of their familes. We drove up, enjoyed the game even though they lost, ate dinner @ Lambert's Cafe, Home of Throwed Rolls in Sikeston, MO then begrudgingly began our way home!!!! We pulled in a bit before midnight, but everyone was safe & had a blast!!!!! Boy, we are all exhausted though!

To top it off, Daniel & I were up this morning AGAIN before the crack of dawn to head to Arkansas Children's Hospital for Anna Kate to get her second set of tubes. AK spent the night w/ my parents since we had our day of insane travel so we picked her up about 6:15 & she was WIDE AWAKE playing computer games...working the mouse herself!

We headed to the hospital only following a complete meltdown over a gingerbread man w/ a broken leg that she didn't understand why she couldn't eat!!! So sad, she quickly forgot when we let her play on the playground at the hospital before we checked in.

The hospital check in was a pretty smooth process except AK is apparently too fashionalbly conscious to wear the yellow surgery pants & top so she sported the topless's still G rated!

She found multi-use for the phone by using it a phone to talk w/ Mickey Mouse! She did well with everything & a little before 9 they gave her some Versad and then the real entertainment began. I know it is very sad to have enjoyed the entertainment brought by a 2 1/2 year old on a mind-altering prescription med but after you've only had 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours it doesn't take much!

Once she got the med, every time she moved it was in SLOW motion & became a limp noodle.

This was the sweet face we said good bye to as they wheeled her into the OR suite. We kissed her & said bye then she just looked up at the nurse like oh I'm going with you!

She was back only about 10 minutes most!!! Dr. Ritcher was pleased wih how everything went well. He also drew blood for some lab work to check her immune system since she has literally has a runny nose every day of of her life for the past 2 years despite all kinds of allergy meds & nose sprays. He said we would get hose results @ her post-op appointment in a few weeks.

She came out of surgery pretty well & only cried until they brought her some apple juice & when she saw one of the monitor leads on her chest which she promptly just grabbed then pulled off herself...can you say ouch? Then she downed 2 cups of juice looked at the nurses & said "I need more please." One of our sweet nurses was a friend of ours Shannon. She was amazing & we were so thankful for that surprise blessing of a precious Christian nurse whom we knew! When we asked AK if she was ready to leave she told me twice "No, not yet!!!" Who wouldn't want to stay with all the attention she was getting not to mention the princess service & wonderful meds?!?!?

We made one last stop at the playground before leaving then on our way to the van AK realized that he never received her "pink popsicle" the nurse told her she would get after surgery. She was devastated. We calmed things over with a trip to Purple Cow b/c she had ready asked if we could go there @ 6 this am. She ate chips & ketchup then again realized no "pink popsicle." She will definitely be getting one tonight!

Well, we have all napped & ready for a quite night! I'll post pictures of the ballgame this more of photograph adventure last weekend soon!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!



  1. Glad she's well. I hope those immuno tests come back good.

  2. I am so glad everything went well. Praying for NO MORE ear troubles for AK.

    Oh, and get that girl a pink popsicle for crying outloud!!! Haha.