Friday, May 7, 2010

New Month...New Post

Well, it's about time I update this blog!  Needless to say April was VERY busy month!  Today was Shawn's spring field trip for school & we went to Little Rock to see the new Disney movie Oceans.  The movie was amazing!!!  I could have done without some of their statements & ideas regarding creation, but it was a great opportunity to remind Shawn of who God is & what He did in creating our amazing earth!  Uncle Grant joined us at the movie then afterwards we headed to the Purple Cow for lunch.  Ashley, Anna Kate & mom met us there.  Yummy, yummy for the hot fudge shake that I enjoyed!

After lunch, Uncle Grant headed to work so we ventured to North Little Rock to The Old Mill for some photo opps.  We got some great ones!  After The Old Mill, we went to a local park & pond for some more fun.  These pictures are from just The Old Mill.  I'll share the park & pond hopefully later this weekend.

I'm so glad we got some great photos of our precious children.  Hope everyone enjoys!

Are we finished yet???

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  1. Such cute pictures!! I love her facial expression in the last one. :) Glad to hear Oceans is good - my niece is excited to see it and I promised I would take her as soon as I could - whenever that might be! :)