Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weary Wednesday

AK & I are laying on the couch relaxing bc we are both under the weather! I had a very sore throat yesterday & started running fever last night...yuck! And it's not just allergies!!! I'm going to the doctor this afternoon & will be glad to get some good meds to kick this stuff!

As I was laying in bed last night struggling to breathe & pretty much miserable, I hear a soft thumping then have Anna Kate informing me that she "choked" up. Yep, she did all in het bed so I cleaned her & Daniel cleaned the bed! She hasn't had any fever so I really think he did just get gagged...that's actually a fairly common occurance for AK!

We just need to stay well enough to get her tubes put in on Friday & I have to be well enough for a very long day trip to St. Louis tomorrow for a Cardinals game! Our staff is taking the day & traveling to St. Louis for a fun day! I'm so excited!

After we took Shawn to school, I needed a DP so we went to Sonic! I haven't been once this week & it's Wednesday! When we got there, she informed me that she needed chicken & since she didn't eat dinner I decided to indulge her. He joined me in the front seat to eat her chicken & yell at the random man 3 spaces down from us! Yes that is correct, she started yelling "guy, guy!" to some man in a truck who was working very hard to not look her direction which only encouraged her more!

She finished her chicken & cuddled back up in her seat with her giggle baby & "cobers."

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!



  1. I'm sorry you girls are sick! At least Sonic makes it better.:)
    I didn't know y'all were for sure going to the game...I'm glad it worked out. I'm sure Clay is beside himself!

  2. Hope you guys get to feeling better!! LOVE the pictures in the last post! They are so precious!!

  3. I was getting better even if I had to cut my head off to go! AK is fine, maybe starting an eat infection so thankfully he can still do tubes even w/ infection!!! Today while I was sprawled out on the couch she was quite full of into the vitamins which she had already had & when I put my hand out for her to give it to me she crammed it in her mouth so we had a come to Jesus meeting, she dragged a stool to the hall & switched the ac to heat which I realized when it got unbelievably hot, she fell off another stool & scratch her leg plus poked a hole thru her sonic coke all onto the floor!

    I was worn out by noon & in tears!!!!

    Yes, Clay is so excited!!! Shawn is also going so I have benedryl to take the edge off for him bc he's beyond since it's his first major league bb game. I didn't realize that but he made that comment & he's right!

    Here we come o' day of craziness fun!

  4. I found your blog!!!!!!!!!! The kids are darling.

  5. Sorry you guys have been feeling yuck!! Hope you are doing better and were able to make it to the game and keep her appointment. I love that she was yelling at the guy a couple spots down...too funny! :)