Monday, April 25, 2011

Prayer Warriors Needed

Dr. Kiser & all of Daddy's therapists will have staff meeting in the morning to discuss his progress. Please pray that they agree he is progressing & benefitting from the aggressive therapy he is receiving. We really want him to stay as long as he needs so that he can get the best therapy & help available, but we also know that God is in control.

Today, Daddy was in the easy stand chair pushing a shopping cart!! Mom said her phone battery died when she got ready to take a picture, but she said they will do it tomorrow also & she promised a picture ;-)

Thank you so much for your continued prayers & your faithfulness in reading the blog posts. As I've said so many times, our words cannot begin to express our gratitude for your thoughts & prayers. God is faithful...every day in every situation.

(I downloaded a new photo gadget for my phone & thought I would share a couple of pictures. I've used these photos before but they have a different look.)

1 comment:

  1. Definitely praying! Hope everything goes well, and I hope you are all staying safe with the crazy weather! Love the pictures!