Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Next Day

Yesterday is a day that I would like to quickly forget, but will never likely happen. My dad was scheduled for a routine

heart cath & a couple of stents. He's had these procedures done a couple of dozen times...yes, that many! Everything was as usual until the doctor was getting to place the second stent. A piece of plague broke off from his artery & traveling to his brain...resulting in a massive stroke! His doctor's words were "a big, big stroke!" We were told that death was imminent & there was no hope. God immediately put people in the consultation room with us before Daniel could even arrive from just a few miles up the interstate. People were praying & God was working!

As the day continued & more people came to love, hug & encourage us God continue to cover us with His grace & mercy! I'm saying that I wasn't breathing into a papersack...bc I was! But God was there! Every time the doctor returned he said that things better & not as bad as first expected. He was finally physically stable & moved to a room. We were warned that there was certain damage, but we would not know the extent until he began to awake from the drugs used during the procedures and the stress of the stroke. We were prepared for the worst. Waiting, waiting & waiting is the name of the game at the hospital though.

Dr. Thomas, the neurologist, finally came by the room this afternoon to give us the results from all the reports of the tests. He said his stroke was in the front lobe of the brain. Strokes in this area of the brain cause extreme drowsiness & sleepiness for several days so Dr. Thomas said rest is the best thing for him right now. He didn't even wake him to examine him. He wants him to rest as much as possible!

The wonderful miracle is that Dr. Thomas says frontal lobe injuries are the easiest to recover from & he said that he should regain his speech & movement over time with therapy!!! We have a very long road before us, but God is in the business of working miracles.

We are praising God for His love, grace & mercy! Thank you to everyone for their countless prayers, calls, texts & fb messages. We are trying to respond to everyone, but please understand if it's not immediate. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for you interceding to the throne for our family!


  1. Oh how things can change in an instant. We are praying for you and your family :)

  2. praying for rest, peace, and comfort for ALL of you ya girl...thanks for taking time to do this post so we can rejoice with you over the prayers God is going to continue to answer