Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mom talked to Matt, Daddy's physical therapist, this morning after their staff meeting & Daddy will be staying at BRI until May 12!!!  Matt said that he pulled really hard to keep him b/c of the progress that he is making physically so we are thrilled!

Thank you for your prayers & once again God has provided.  He is faithful all the time.  I have to share a quick story about Anna Kate this am.  We were sitting in the van listening to the radio this am while I was putting on my makeup & a song that has really ministered to me came on the radio "I Will Lift My Hands" by Christ Tomlin).  It's an incredible song of hope & assurance of God's faithfulness.  This song & another of Tomlin's songs have become my theme songs in the last few weeks.  

Anyway, she & I were singing along with the radio just having a good time. There is a part of the song that says "I lift my hands to believe" & she raised her hands up in the air.  It was amazing!  I know she doesn't understand what it means to lift hands in praise to the Lord, but I want her to know.  I want her to not be ashamed to praise her Creator in any place or at any time.  I am so thankful for her praising even in the midst of storms or trails.

Thank you again for being our prayer warriors as we make our way this season of life.  We are so grateful for brothers & sisters in Christ who go before the Throne on our behalf.  All glory, praise & honor to the ONE TRUE GOD!!!!


  1. Laurie, We are so happy for you all and pray that the Lord will continue to heal your dad.
    Blessings, Lori

  2. So thankful for answered prayers.....YEH May 12 will give him a lot of good time to continue to get stronger each day....YEH GOD you are amazing and we are all so thankful

  3. That's so awesome, Laurie! I am so happy for y'all! I am continuing to pray that God will work new miracles every day, and that your dad will get better and stronger as each day passes. Thanks for sharing about Anna Kate, too-- I love to see the bold and unashamed praise from a child-- such a lesson! :)

  4. That is wonderful news Laurie!!!!

  5. Praise the Lord! Such a sweet story about AK. It is just heart-filling to see your child do anything that praises God. Every time I see Lilly fold her head and pray or sing Jesus Loves Me, my heart just sings! Still praying girl!!