Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Next Step

I've started this post several times last, but brain was way too foggy to put a sentence together last night so I'm trying again this morning. It looks like the big news from Tuesday was that we will be making the next step of our journey to rehab at BRI on Thursday. The BRI admit nurse came for an assessment & visit with Mom about the transition.

BRI is the rehab institute affiliated with Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. I've been visiting church members in BRI for years & the results with patients are amazing! We are praying for the same results for Daddy. This next step of the journey will be a difficult one for many reasons.

While Daddy is in rehab, Mom will not stay with him. This will be the first time ever that he has been in the hospital when she hasn't stayed overnight with him...or ALL the time for a matter of fact. So that will be a huge adjustment for both of them. Also, his therapy will be very intense which will be exhausting as well as frustrating at times. Pastor Rick just keeps reminding us that we are running a marathon not a sprint & to think about where we were Friday. I need to constantly be reminded of both those things! Not very many people can run a marathon without points of frustration, but they set their eyes on the finish line & continue to push through the pain, frustration & fatigue.

We have already seen some frustration with him trying to speak to tell us. We get frustrated since we can't understand and even more so for him! We just keep reminding him that it will just take some time, but he will be able to talk again. He had speech yesterday & his therapist was working with him on making different mouth shapes which he did. He also had PT twice yesterday. He sat assisted on the side of bed in the morning using his right hand to help support himself. Then for PT in the afternoon, his therapist & his nurse actually stood him up on a walker 3 or 4 times to begin that reconnection from his leg to his brain that there's work to be done.

I know I keep repeating myself in saying how much we appreciate everyone, as I've also said words cannot begin to express our gratitude. Thank you for the visits, calls & offers to help with anything.

We are very thankful for every victory...big & small! Please continue to pray for his recovery as well as Mom (Grant & I also) for peace & endurance through this journey. We are taking one day at a time & asking the Lord to let us not miss the lesson in each day. He is in control & we trust Him completely! Thank you to each & every one of you who is praying, calling & offering help. Part of God's faithfulness has been the incredible support system He has surrounded us with. What a blessing!!!

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  1. Laurie,
    I know God is holding you all in His arms as you all are running this race with your Dad. Keep holding onto God's faithfulness and unfailing love. Tell your family Central Baptist loves you all and praying you through. Angel Dancy