Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Every Day Is A New Day

I'm sure some of you are wondering what has happened to me not posting for a couple of days & want to know what's been going on in Daddy's world the last couple of days. I've been back to work this week so I'm trying juggle spending time w/ Daddy, getting things done @ church & my household people. Mondays are my hospital visitation days so I was able to spend a couple of hours at the hospital w/ Mom & Daddy. I introduced Mom to McBride's Cafe on the first floor @ BRI. They have such good food that doesn't resemble hospital food at all!!! Mom said she had found her new favorite place! Haha!

Daddy didn't feel 100% Monday bc his blood pressure was really low so he was having trouble standing & doing some of the things they wanted him to do in PT. I think Dr. Kiser has that leveled out now though so he is feeling much better. Please continue to pray that they will be able to keep his meds where they need to be so he can get the most out of his therapy.

Yesterday, his speech therapist enrolled him in a reading/writing group therapy session as well. We don't know much of what happens during that time since we aren't allowed in the group bc of HIPPA rules. He has is going to the "SIP" program that is when he has a specialist watch him eat & basically in her own words "nags" him about slowing down, taking smaller bites, etc. He is doing well w/ eating & today they started him on chopped foods instead of pureed. He ate it all! We are seeing little things everyday where he is improving, but we also have to remember that we are still in the early stages of the marathon so we can't get discouraged!

Even though he is "technically" not supposed to be eating regular food, where there's a will there's a way! Daddy had a student nurse w/ him during all his therapies yesterday so Mom decided to run home to get cleaned up, do some laundry, etc. Well, she got back & Daddy was already in his room looking @ himself in the mirror by the counter. She looked down onto the counter & this is what she saw...

Daddy had managed to get his wheelchair over to a gift basket that someone sent & found what he wanted to eat! Thankfully, he didn't actual choke on either item since he was alone in his room! Whew!!!! Mom asked him if he got choked on that apple & he shook his head yes! Lovely! When Mom told Dr. Kiser this am, he just laughed! She promised that she was taking it home so he wouldn't get into again!

Today, I checked Shawn out of school @ lunch & we headed up to see Mom & Daddy. Daddy was glad to see Shawn but had just finished lunch so he was ready for a quick powernap before heading back to therapy. While he rested, Mom, Shawn & I headed down for lunch @ McBride's. (I told you we really liked it!) We then headed back upstairs to get ready for therapy. The staff has started moving Daddy from his chair to the bed w/ holding onto him as he stands instead of the sling that they were using. He doesn't have lots of control but can help some. Every little bit helps! Mom had stepped into the restroom as once they got into his chair he looked at me & motioned his arm in the air to let me know he was ready to roll! I asked him if I got to drive today & he shook his head yes! He wouldn't let me on Monday. Haha! Shawn was asking but I told him I didn't think that was a very good idea! We had hoped for Shawn to experience PT, but we went to speech instead. Daddy did well & worked really hard to voice his numbers while counting w/ his therapist. He was getting some sounds out so he just has to keep working. It was really good for Shawn to see first hand what Grandpa does every day & how all the therapists are helping him get better.

Several of you continue to ask...Mom is eating & taking care of herself. She is still able to sleep @ BRI. Grant has been coming up in the afternoons & e evenings some to stay while Mom leaves for a little bit.

I think that pretty well sums up the past couple of days...besides the weather which has been ridiculous!!! Thankfully, we have remained safe!

Thanks again to everyone for continuing to keep up w/ Daddy's progress & your continual prayers! They truly mean so much to us! Hope everyone is having a blessed Holy Week as we look towards Easter! Praise God Christ is risen! He is our HOPE!!!!

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  1. we continue to pray for your dad daily, and the updates are wonderful. He continues to make progress each day. The apple proves it! :)