Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today is the day that Daddy is moving to BRI (Baptist Rehabilitation Institute)!!!  He is scheduled to be transported at 1:00 p.m.  I know several of you are wondering what happened to the early morning post, but I was laying in bed typing on my phone almost half way finished when I accidently erased the entire thing!  I actually cried!  Writing has been an emotional therapy for me through this process & it just really hurt my feelings that I did that.  I’m better now so here we go!

Yesterday, Uncle Ronnie (he would prefer I call him Uncle Ron, but old habits are hard to break…sorryJ) came to visit since he was working in Russellville.  While he was here, PT sat Daddy in a chair where he stayed for almost an hour.  While Uncle Ronnie was here, Frances came to see Mom.  They were able to go sit outside & enjoy the beautiful weather.  We have tried to go outside at some point every day since she admits it does make her feel better.  And yes, she is eating (for those of you who are keeping tabsJ).  Thanks Uncle Ronnie for letting Mom have that time with Frances & to be out of the room.  She really appreciated that!

Daddy is continuing to eat more & more every day.  He was very anxious for lunch yesterday b/c as soon as I put the tray in front of him he grabbed a spoon & started eating.  It is so good to see him wanting to eat & the desire to do it himself.  As I have said so many times, this is going to be a physically, emotionally & mentally grueling journey, but we know that God will give each of us the grace & strength for each day.  For PT in the afternoon, he was tired from the day that they only helped him stand on the walker a couple of times.  We are seeing some small movements in his right leg & I have been told that these weight-bearing exercises are great to stimulate the brain to relearn the movement commands.

Mindy, his speech therapist, was working with him yesterday on saying his numbers.  He was moving his mouth to say them, but no sound.  She started pointing at me asking him what my name was.  He was moving his mouth & trying, but not quite getting it.  We have had some pictures of Shawn & Anna Kate for him, but he has been interested in looking at them.  Well, Mindy showed him a picture of Anna Kate (it was on top) and he broke down crying.  Then I started crying.  Mom had stepped out to visit with someone so I told her to get back in here.  He calmed down, but it was hard to see that emotion.  I know that stroke victims are very emotional & I can’t even imagine how he feels right now not being able to communicate or express himself.  Mindy did give us a picture chart so he could point at various things to help him & us.  We know we will get there just one day at a time.

I talked with Jessica at their apartment yesterday & she has reserved them a first floor apartment at the beginning of May which is a huge relief for Mom about when he is able to come home.  She said that she just had one come available & that she would let them transfer without paying any type of fee!  Once again God provided!!!

Just one more thing that you may want to grab a Kleenex for…I have to share a special story.  Barbara, a member of the family that I mentioned earlier in this post, shared a prayer that her grandson, Mason, had prayed for Daddy Friday night.  His mom told him when he was getting ready for bed that they needed to pray for Mrs. Laurie’s dad b/c he was very sick.  He said ok & proceeded to pray.  He said, “God” then stopped.  His mom reminded him to say his prayers so he could go to sleep.  So he said, “God, Mrs. Laurie’s daddy is really sick and please make him better.”  He paused for a moment then looked at Holly & said, “God said yes!”  The faith of a child!  I am so thankful that they shared this story with us.  I know that there are lots of prayers from children being said for Daddy & I have to believe that God smiles when a child boldly comes before the throne on behalf of another.  What an example to us as adults to never forget that God is in the miracle business & He wants to come to Him with every need.

“Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always.”  Psalm 105.4

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could think or ask.” Ephesians 3:20


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Laurie-- I actually did have to grab a Kleenex, especially for that last part! How amazing to see the faith of a child! I am continuing to pray for all of you! Love you!

  2. Such sweet stories! Thanks for the updates, lets us know how to pray, E