Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Next Chapter

Sorry it's been a few days since I updated, but there just hasn't much new info to report. The last couple of days have brought new things but Mom & I both have been very emotional so I refrained from writing b/c I truly couldn't put two words together that made sense. We had not received any bad news or anything like that, but the exhaustion & emotion of the past four weeks had finally caught up with us.

Mom met w/ Rebecca, the BRI case manager, yesterday to discuss Daddy's discharge plan. Dr. Kiser & the therapists were talking to Mom about her learning to help transfer him, etc. After meeting yesterday though, we are thinking the best decision at this point will probably be to find a Skilled Nursing Facility or rehab center where he can get the most therapy (not quite as much as he's getting now but more than just a couple of days a week). Trust me...this is a very difficult decision since we had so hoped Daddy would have progressed enough to go straight home. However, we want the best for him & as of now that seems to be what will provide him the best therapy options as well as offering him more therapy options once he does come home. The joys of putting the insurance puzzle together so that it works best!

God has continued to bless us beyond measure & one way He has done that is through His people! We have a very dear friend whose sister worked in insurance case management for years & she has offered to walk through all of this technical stuff w/ us. Marty joined Mom & Rebecca in their meeting yesterday. Mom said that Marty was & is invaluable!!! It was so good to have someone who knows the ins & outs of how things work as well as all the medical stuff that goes along with making these decisions. Marty has offered to help us in any way possible so I'm sure we will be calling on her expertise again very soon.

Mom, Grant & I will be going to visit some of the rehab facilities on Friday & then we are getting together Friday along w/ Daniel to discuss everything & make some definite plans as well as make sure we are all on the same page. Please be praying for all of us this weekend as we will be making some very important decisions. We know that God has brought us this far in our journey & He has every plan to see us through each step. He is faithful!!!!

In therapy news, Anna Kate was talking to Daddy this morning on the phone & he said "hi sweet pea." It was somewhat drawn out (well, we do live in Arkansas...haha) but his voice was loud & strong!! We were very excited to say the least!!!! I had the phone on speaker so was able to hear it as well & Mom immediately started telling AK to give me the phone so she could tell me not realizing that I was already listening. He was trying really hard to talk to AK & Shawn when we tree Tuesday, but we couldn't make anything out. He was trying to sing his ABCs ;-) Daniel stopped by tonight on his way home & said that Daddy was combining "Amazing Grace" with "ABCs." We will take whatever we can get though!!! AK talked to Mom either yesterday or this am & said "that therapy is hard work." Haha! Pretty funny & ironic seeing as she has had all those therapies. Must make her an expert & she knows how exhausting those sessions can be ;-) It was so sweet!!

Daddy worked on standing & walking in the harness again today while pushing the shopping cart. I'm adding a picture & sorry it's sideways, but I just didn't have the opportunity to work on it today to get it fixed.

Well, my eyes are beginning to cross & roll into my head so I'm taking that as a sign that it's bedtime!!! Thanks to each of you for your prayers & acts of kindred & generosity. God has blessed us beyond measure w/ tremendous family, friends & church family!!! Even Daddy's PT noticed when a couple from church came to see & said that we must have a wonderful church bc everyone is so nice! Mom let him know that yes we definitely had a fantastic church family. God's tangible way to demonstrate His love & grace.

Thank you in advance for your prayers & acts of kindness/generosity. We have only made it this far by His grace Whig He will continue to supply new mercies every morning! Thank you also for keeping up w/ us through the blog & reaching out to love us in so many tangible ways. Have a wonderful weekend & blessings to each of you!!!

We will take more pictures this weekend! Promise!

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  1. Oh, Laurie! I know that these are difficult decisions for you guys! I am definitely praying for you this weekend as you decide what to do! Also, what a praise that he is beginning to be able to speak again! Continuing to pray for that too! Love you guys!