Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well, this morning was staff meeting, but we still are in somewhat of a limbo. Mom visited with Dr. Kiser this am & they talked about what needs/should happen next. Dr. Kiser was pleased with his walking yesterday so she wasn't sure what would come from the meeting.

Daddy walked yesterday without the harness suspension & simply walked with a heavy duty brace...similar to a walker. Mom said he did much better with that than the harness so that was great! She said he moved his leg better & more with this one also.

They have staffed already this morning & they are in agreement that they would like for him to actually stay @ BRI til next Wednesday (if insurance will allow him to stay). Rebecca (social worker) will be talking to his insurance during the day today. She told Mom that we should know a definite plan by this afternoon. Mom would be thrilled if he could stay a few days longer there then transition, but we know that God is in control so we are trusting him to make the path clear & straight.

Thank you for praying for our family today (and over the last month) as we anticipated hearing what our part of the journey would be. We are not loosing heart & standing strong in the truth of God's Word!

I will update when we know more, but for now you can pray that God's will is done & that we have the grace & peace to accept what He puts before us.

Mom just called & Rebecca received the approval for Daddy to stay one more week @ BRI!!! We are excited & Mom is very happy!

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