Saturday, May 21, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Mom & Grant got Daddy home Friday afternoon even in the craziness of the storms. (Daniel, kids & I are in St. Louis. We had planned this little trip before we knew the plans were going to change on leaving BRI.) When everything changed, Mom said she still wanted us to go to get away & relax a little. We have had a fantastic time so far! It's been wonderful for the kids to have our undivided attention.

Anyway, other than the rain, I think the transition has been pretty smooth. Daddy gave Mom "that look" when they got home since there were still some boxes around from the move. She said don't worry I have plenty of time to work on those. They were able to maneuver the couple of down steps getting to the apartment, but we have some amazing friends who are planning & working on building a ramp. The apartment has marked mom 2 parking places to be reserved for her under the awning so that she can get Daddy out of the car & into his chair which will be nice on days like yesterday.

I'm anxious to hear how their first night home went, but Mom is really trying to not call so that we can have some family time...she is so sweet!!!! She wants all of us to have time together, have fun & relax. We are sending her a few pictures so she can share w/ Grandpa ;-) Some pics we've sent...have to throw these cute faces in somehow!

Out-patient therapy begins Thursday @ BRI so we are all ready to get that going. Daddy has already met his speech therapist (I think she filled in for his regular therapist one day maybe). His therapists he's had have promised to come check in on his though & I'm sure he will go down to visit. Some amazing friends are in the planning & process of building a ramp for Daddy @ the apartment. Parking places have already been reserved for them so that Mom can get Daddy out of the car into wheelchair then inside. We are so very thankful & grateful for the wonderful people that God has put in our lives!!!

I'm anxious to hear how the first night went, but I'm sure it was fine. He was probably completely worn out from therapy yesterday morning then actually getting home. Please continue to pray for his speech, but also now that they are home pray that he will not make too many impulsive decisions (common w/ stroke)! That's why Matt his PT wouldn't send him home w/ a walker & even reminded him again not to be overly confident!!! Now that he is home he may feel like he can do more, but still has limitations. We are hoping being home will motivate him, but he still has to remember to be careful. For Mom, pray that she has the strength, endurance, grace & peace to do what needs to be done.

A little side note that Mom will not want to forget, but don't think she could if she tried...Thursday morning we stopped by to say hi/bye & give loves. Mom walked us down to the van when we were leaving bc we had brought them some Chick-fil-a for breakfast ;-) In the meantime, the medical equipment guy shows up in Daddy's room w/ all this stuff. When Mom gets back upstairs, the guy is explaining how everything works & what you do to Daddy...very helpful (can you hear the sarcasm?!?). So Mom jumps in & takes over. While she is signing papers she hears a crash behind her...yep, Daddy on the floor!!! (He is fine & was thoroughly checked out.) Apparently, he decided to get up or into bed, not really sure, but none the less he feel between the bed & the nightstand. He didn't hit is head, but I'm sure he's sore! Remember, the very helpful medical equipment guy?!? He turned around & walked out of the room w/ Daddy laying on the floor!!! Seriously?!? Watch out single ladies bc there's a real winner out there somewhere!!! Essie, his nurse, & other staff rushed in to get him up. They got him up, checked him out & had the doctor come by also. Everyone said he was fine. Mom was so thankful he didn't hit his head on the nightstand!!! I know that most of you now have a streak of fear thinking what will he do if that happen @ home?!? Well, like Essie had just told her while we were there that she could always call 911 if she needed them. We are praying that doesn't happen!!!!

So I think that pretty well sums everything up...that I know. Have a wonderful weekend & I'll update in a few days about how things are going! Thank you all once again for your many, many prayers! We are so grateful & thankful for the blessing of relationships that God has given us!!!

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