Friday, May 13, 2011

Walking Laps

AK & I had to go to LR today for her one year check-up w/ her ENT, Dr. Ritcher, at Arkansas Children's Hospital. We LOVE Dr. Ritcher & he has been wonderful to us over the past 2 years as we have dealt w/ AK's ear issues. He gave her a clean bill of health today & said that we don't need to come see him again unless we have problems. Great news!!! But we will miss seeing him!

Since we had time this morning after her appointment, we headed to BRI to surprise Daddy & do some therapy w/ him. He was very surprised to see us, but very glad! We got there just in time for PT & OT. He had PT w/ Matt first so he got the walker ready for Daddy to walk some laps around the gym.

He started walking & didn't want to stop. Matt would make him take breaks between laps, but Daddy would look at him & point to let him know he was ready to go again. He walked 3 laps. The longest lap was 162 feet!!!! The others weren't quite that long but each were well over 100 feet!

During PT, Matt also helped Daddy work on transferring from the chair to the bench & also standing from sitting. Each therapy is about 45 minutes so that's lots of walking & standing!

AK brought Grandpa his favorite cookies (Keebler Fudge Stripes) that she gave him as a treat for doing so well in therapy!

After PT, it was time for OT w/ Cheryl. Daddy started w/ a computer game where he worked his right hand manipulating a joystick to move a basket & catch dropping balls. They use an ace bandage to keep his hand attached to the stick then he works the movement of his arm back & forth. After some computer time, he worked on movement & range of motion w/ a stick/pole that I don't know the name for :-/ They asked AK to help hold the pole while he slid his hand back & forth.

She loved helping w/ Grandpa's therapy. He moves a smaller pipe piece up & down the pole to work his muscles as well as range of motion. As he was working his arm, they used a stimulator on his upper arm & he started hurting really bad. He has muscle spasms quite often from all the intense exercises. They stopped working his arm then & iced it down...he didn't really enjoy that too much either.

When he was finished w/ morning therapy, we all went to McBride's for lunch. Daddy had not been there yet so we thought that would be a good treat. We had a wonderful lunch & I'm pretty sure flat wore him out!!!

We all went back to the room to give loves & kisses before heading home. Another wife of a patient brought Mom a "pear" yesterday but she realized something wasn't quite was too hard. Turns out it was chocolate...really good chocolate!!! Anyway, AK started chomping into it! Haha!

It was a great time together & I'm so proud of how hard Daddy is working in therapy. I can't even imagine how exhausting, frustrating & grueling all that must be. It's all those things just to watch! So glad & thankful we had some special time together!
Keep praying for Daddy's progress & for all the steps required to get him moved into the rehab facility.

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  1. Wow, Laurie! So glad he is doing so much better and that AK got to help today! Definitely continuing to pray for you guys! :)