Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sufficient Grace

From the moment I woke up Friday until I went to bed, I felt God's grace in an amazing way. I told Mom that there were so many praying for us...those who knew what the day would hold & those that didn't have any idea but God laid our family on their hearts so they were obedient to intercede on our behalf. Mom even said once we were back at BRI after lunch that she knew it sounded strange to say that she felt good about what was happening & I said that's God's grace & peace from everyone praying!

We only went to tour 2 facilities yesterday...Good Shepherd & Chenal Heights. (FYI...We have NOT begun this conversation w/ Daddy yet, but will this week. I'll share more about that another time.) We were very pleased with both & didn't feel that we needed to go any further since we had a peace about both. Again, God's provision!

We have chosen Chenal Heights & Rebecca, the BRI social worker, is beginning the process of making that happen when the discharge date is definite. Dr. Kiser told Mom yesterday am that May 12 was tentative but they would staff again this Tuesday then we will have a more definite transition date.

When we got back to see Daddy, it was time for afternoon therapy time. First up was Recreation where they decided a friendly game of UNO was in order. Grant & AK got to play also...guess who won?!? Anna Kate! She was SO proud that she was part of the game & that she won!!! Of course, I'm not sure why she would enjoy that so much since no one made a big deal out of it. Ha!

After Rec, it was time for Language group, Speech, OT & PT so AK & I headed back to pick up Shawn from school. AK was upset when we said bye to Nana bc she wanted to come straight back instead of running an errand first. I finally convinced her that we were coming back to have a special dinner w/ Grandpa. She still would remind me occasionally that she was ready to go see Grandpa. So sweet!!!!

Mom sent us a pic of Daddy during PT walking using the harness but w/out the shopping cart!!! He had used the cart that morning so he walked twice which completely wore him out!!! Mom told him that we were bringing him a special dinner (Macaroni Grill) since he had worked so hard in therapy.

We picked up his favorite...Alfredo w/ chicken & shrimp! Mom & Dad met the garden for a little evening picnic! It was a nice afternoon & made even better when Olan & Kathy stopped by. We all sat around & talked for a few minutes. Olan reminded Daddy that he needed to better so he could get back to ushering at church. Haha! Daddy just gave him "the" look ;-) What a wonderful day that will be though when be can be back at his door & Shawn w/ him...I can't wait!!!

We went back up to the room for a few minutes but didn't stay too long bc Daddy started having what we think were back or leg spasms from all the hard work. He wiggled around in his chair a bit & seemed to get some relief, but was ready for bed! When the nurse came to help him transfer, I was impressed bc he did even better than just a few days before when I saw him do it. He did more himself w/ less help from the aide. That's what we like to see!! We did manage to get a couple of pics before left & I was able to get one of Mom.

Thank you for all the sweet prayers, calls, texts & visits. We are continually overwhelmed by your gracious generosity!!! We are blessed beyond measure!

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