Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Christian Dinner & Movie

After Daniel & I went to see The Blind Side, we've talked about me taking Shawn to see it so that we could use it as a learning experience in his faith & helping him see how truly blessed he is. So...I surprised him by picking him up from school & we were off to the movie. It was the perfect movie day since it has rained ALL day long!

We had popcorn, Dr. Pepper & Nerds (Shawn did anyway). It was the two of us and another couple in the theater so it was great! He LOVED it!!! We've had some good conversation already & I'm looking forward to more. Daniel asked him what his favorite part was & he said when he pushed number 66 all the way off the field towards the bus! (you remember that scene if you've seen the movie). What can I say he is 8??? And in case you're wondering, I cried AGAIN!

After the movie, we picked up Daniel & Anna Kate for a trip to the Holy Chicken or Chick-Fil-A as the rest of the world knows it. The kids loved playing after dinner too. We're having some eating issues w/ Anna Kate so we told her she had to eat before she could play. This meant that she repeated her mantra the entire we ate...Eat my chicken french fries then I play. Eat my chicken french fries then I play. And on & on!!!

She actually did eat pretty well so they were off to play. We ended w/ ice cream cones & headed home. Shawn & I did homework while Daniel got AK to sleep.

All in all I would consider today a great day!!! Love spending time w/ the family!


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