Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Wednesday!!!

Wednesdays are always LONG days at our house with church & it is usually later when I get home. Thankfully today my Daddy took me to lunch so I had great energy to get through the day. I love going to lunch with my Daddy.

Tonite when I got home Shawn was getting out of the shower & told me that he had something for me. He then kept asking me if I wanted a glass of milk...hint, hint. I told him that I needed dinner first since I didn't have time to eat at church. So my little man told me to go sit down & he would fix my dinner!!! I tried to help walk him through it a little bit, but he REALLY wanted to do it on his own. He continued fixing my dinner, brought it to me on the couch & brought me my milk...he even sat on the couch with me while i ate. What a man?!?! I love this boy! I pray God continues to grow him into a godly young man!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality but I just used my phone.)

Can't finish this nite letting you think that we are the family in a Norman Rockwall painting. Lately, Anna Kate has started throwing some crazy fits! So tonite was no different. She screamed blooding murder when Daniel carried her out of my office at church to go home & then has been screaming while in bed. She's yelling for me which is REALLY hard to take & not just go to her, but that just creates a bigger issue when she throws the fit then gets her way! I'm sure I sound cold hearted but we are well into the terrible twos & we just have to stand firm (which is really hard on Wednesdays since my days are so long). Sounds like maybe Daddy has won this battle! It's actually quiet in the house now. Hopefully it lasts!

Good Night All!!!


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