Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy week!!!!

It's been a busy week...with lots of interesting stories!

It started Sunday night after church when Daniel ran back to pick up something I had forgotten & needless to say it got very exciting while he was gone only 8 blocks.

Shawn & I were sitting in the living room I'm sure watching Disney channel when Anna Kate comes in to tell me she's cooking. I didn't think much about it bc Santa brought her a kitchen for Christmas. Well then she comes back to tell me "It's burning!". I expressed my dislike of burned food expecting her to quickly go fix the problem; however, she continued to stand beside me with eyes the size of quarters.

That's when my mommy instincts kicked & decided I better go check out the situation. Well, as I rounded the corner into he kitchen I see flames shooting out of the toaster oven!!! Yep...she had put in an empty box & turned it on. I think I scared her to death grabbing her & literally throwing her on the couch so I could get my feet wet at my new career-firefighting. I found he baking soda whih seemed to take forever, opened the toaster door when flames had a HUGE poof due to the added oxygen, then poured baking soda everywhere while Shawn was opening windows. Needless to say Daniel was surprised as well when he returned home.

I wanted a picture of the toaster but Daniel had it in the trash by the time had overcome the shock of my 2 year old almost burning down my kitchen. It's amazing how obedient this hold has been since this happened. I really think she was terrified!! It's been yes ma'am & ok momma most of the week!

Monday, Anna Kate had her year follow-up appointment for her tubes. She took her hearing test like a really BIG girl (they said like age 3 or 4). She passed that hen we were off to see Dr. Ritcher where learned thy both tubes were out, but sitting in the ear canal. So they decided they needed to dig them out...I know sounds pretty unpleasant but hey assured me it was just uncomfortable & didn't hurt. We go back in 6-9 months since that was one of the only days without a runny nose.

Tuesday, again Anna Kate had yet another doc appointment for her 2 year check up. We are behind since it had to be rescheduled 3 times for various reasons on our part as well as the doc office. She passed all the 2 & 3 year old milestones so we were very pleased.

Wednesday...Anna Kate didn't do anything noteworthy!

Thursday...hanging out @ home eating pizza! YAY!!!!

Well, that pretty much sums up our week! Sorry for such a long post but it's been one of those weeks & it took me a few days to admit the fire to very many people but they say confession is good for the soul so there it is! Glad this week is over & looking forward to Shawn's birthday next weekend!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Hi Laurie!! So glad to see you have started a blog! Cant wait to see pics of the kiddos!