Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn Douglas!

Shawn Douglas Cox - January 23, 2002

Well...eight years ago at this time I was just getting into a wheelchair from lying flat on my back from a spinal block for my c-section & Shawn was on oxygen & many other machines in the NICU.

Shawn has always had a good appetite so when the doctor said "He's got his mouth wide open!" it was an epiphany & also what led to his adventure with neonatology. He sallowed aminotic fluid & created some pretty serious lung issues for himself. Little by little over the years, I've realized how serious his situation was but not truly until Anna Kate was born & we had a normal scenario did it really, really hit me!!!? That's a lotta wires & machines!!!!! But God was gracious to us and he recovered quickly to be released from the hospital 6 days after he was born.

We are truly blessed to be Shawn's parents!!!! He is a wonderful young man of God & I can't wait to see how God uses him. We are extrememly thankful to know that he belongs to the Lord, and he really does want to do right...just struggles sometimes?!?!? Don't we all!!!!

Shawn has had a big 2 days!!! Yesterday, he & Daniel started the day with Donuts for Dad @ school (sorry no pics) then AK & I checked him out for lunch @ Burger Shack.

Back to school for a little while then I picked him up along w/ 2 friends for a birthday sleepover. Another friend would also join us @ the house. Fed the hungry boys pizza...which between the 4 of them they ate 2 pizzas!!!! Then it was off to bowling! (picture confession...forgot the big camera but it was so so dark & also disco nite so pictures just weren't in the cards). Here's one try for a photo w/ the phone...

Shawn & Max

Back home for chocolate iced brownies & presents followed by some Wii & Alvin & the Chipmunks!!! I know, I know, you're just so jealous right now you can't stand it!!! Please try to control your anger bc I'm so lucky!

After just a few hours of sleep (which I don't do well), these boys were up by 6 to start again. Chocolate Chip Scones & Hot Chocolate for breakfast then time to go home! We really didn't kick them out the door, but they all had plans!

Then it was off to Little Rock for a day of fun! We met my parents & brother for lunch @ Genghis Grill (Mongolian BBQ) then off to search a pair of Puma shoes, their present for Shawn. We didn't have to search too hard...found them @ the mall then off to get him a haircut & to buy mom a new phone. We were going to eat dinner out, but Shawn got puney (spelling???) on us so we headed home & drove thru Chick-Fil-A. He did perk up a little bit, but I feel certain we'll be going to see the doctor by Wednesday!

Mom had made him a cake based on his description...chocolate cake with green icing & white lines like a football field. Here's the outcome from her adventure w/ Anna Kate....

Anna Kate was in charge of placing the footballs & my dad made the goal posts! They all did a great job!!! We brought it home & Shawn had a small piece before bed.

That pretty much recaps the day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Most importantly, we have been blessed beyond measure to be Shawn's parents & God has given us the opportunity to impact his life for Christ. May we always strive for that highest goal!!!

Shawn, we love you & are so proud to be your parents!!!

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