Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Eventful Friday...

While Anna Kate was at therapy Friday morning, from 8-9, I ran to WM (Wal-Mart) to see if they could "quickly" change the bulb in my headlight. Of course it could be was going to be over 2 hours so what's a girl to do???? Go inside to see hah she can find to buy! Well, let's just say that I hit the WM jackpot for a 20 minute trip!!!

I was so excited to share my finds!!! It's just took me a while to have the time to blog & show them off...more on that later.

Here are my 4 tops for only $29!!!!!

Fun & versatile bc it can be worn all year (black under when old & w/out when warm.)

Whimsical & sassy...also versatile for the same reasons, except that I would wear a tank under when warmer since it virtually see-thru.

Hello Summer...the perfect camp shirt w/ long jean shorts & my other favorite find of the day, new shoes!

Won't that be fun???? I wore the shoes last nite & LOVE them! They're so comfortable! I've been having shoe envy for a while w/ these shoes so it was not really an impulse purchase.

Last clothing find was this sweater...goes with everything!

So following my eventful shopping spree, I pick up Anna Kate & we return to WM for a few necessities. As we walked down one aisle, she said to me "you not need that". What has your daddy been teaching you????

Then we stopped by to pick Nana up from preschool so we could all go eat lunch w/ Shawn at school. AK decided that there are some perks to the teacher being your nana. She helped mom play color & shape bingo. Mom would hand her a card & call it out then AK would repeat it to the class then hold it out showing each child so they can make to know the call. It was so sweet! Her class just loves AK & AK thinks she's as old as the other kids!

We joined Shawn for lunch to inclue the usual "will you check me out this afternoon?" "we've finished all our work." "all we have left is boring stuff.". Well, I'm hoping that he actually went back to class bc I left him in the hallway since AK decided to throw a protest right in the middle of the hallway where I had to just walk away hoping she would finally come running...she did ;-)!!!

Needless to say it was naptime! Last nite the kids went to spend the nite w/ my parents while I took a group of children to the Little Rock Skatium for 4 1/2 exciting hours of roller skating, ice skating & broomball!!! Can I just say that I am TOO old for broomball??? If you would affrmation of being out o shape just play a little will remind you quickly! I was fine once I found my place as the goalie since the ball rarely made it's way that far! We had a blast & managed to leave w/ all body parts intact & none broken!!! I was wondering what possessed us to do broomball when the guy is warning about being careful w/ your sticks to not knock out teeth, etc.

Well, that was Friday! It was crazy but fun! Great start to the weekend!


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