Thursday, February 11, 2010

What day is it???

My days are so very confused with the snow days this week then throw in "Valen-days" as Anna Kate calls it! Yesterday felt like Monday, but a very long Monday since it was Wednesday nite @ church. Daniel left church when we did to go watch the Tarheel vs Dook game w/ Uncle Kerm & we headed to Walgreens for Valentines since I hadn't really found I liked @ WM. We hit the jackpot for Shawn & Anna Kate.

Can you guess which ones belong to which child????

So we got home & had baths then AK & I worked on cards while Shawn did homework. I was so proud of AK doing her valentines. She would "write" on each one hand it back to me then say "who next?".

She did LOTS bc it was for her class & she also did cards for all the ladies who work in the office. She was so proud to pass them this morning. Shawn worked hard on his too & this was the first year I haven't helped Shawn do his. He's growing up!!!!

I was absolutely exhausted this afternoon when I got home so we went out to dinner. First it was to be Mexican, but changed to Chinese. Both are my favs so I was happy either way!

Shawn with his plate of noodles! He LOVES those!!!!

Anna Kate doesn't really eat so I looked over & this is what she was doing!

Shawn & I always end our Chinese buffet dinner w/ ice cream comes & fortune cookies!!!

Anna Kate's meal consisted of 3 bites of sweet n sour chicken & ice cream! There's 4 food groups in there somewhere right????

We all had ice cream & I started laughing bc Daniel ALWAYS eats chocolate pudding when he eats buffet!!! We all have out preferences.

We all shared out fortunes...which were really good & I even brought them home to share, but they are in the van & it's REALLY cold outside so I'm not going back out!!!

Even though tomorrow is Friday, it's a big day...I'll serve @ the Senior Adult Valentine's Banquet for lunch, Shawn's school Valentine's party @ school & then Kids' Night Out (if we don't get snowed in again) so hitting the sack!

Happy Valen-days everyone!!!


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  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! Your family is so sweet! Happy Valentines!