Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Wednesday!!!

Wednesdays are always LONG days at our house with church & it is usually later when I get home. Thankfully today my Daddy took me to lunch so I had great energy to get through the day. I love going to lunch with my Daddy.

Tonite when I got home Shawn was getting out of the shower & told me that he had something for me. He then kept asking me if I wanted a glass of milk...hint, hint. I told him that I needed dinner first since I didn't have time to eat at church. So my little man told me to go sit down & he would fix my dinner!!! I tried to help walk him through it a little bit, but he REALLY wanted to do it on his own. He continued fixing my dinner, brought it to me on the couch & brought me my milk...he even sat on the couch with me while i ate. What a man?!?! I love this boy! I pray God continues to grow him into a godly young man!

(Sorry for the poor picture quality but I just used my phone.)

Can't finish this nite letting you think that we are the family in a Norman Rockwall painting. Lately, Anna Kate has started throwing some crazy fits! So tonite was no different. She screamed blooding murder when Daniel carried her out of my office at church to go home & then has been screaming while in bed. She's yelling for me which is REALLY hard to take & not just go to her, but that just creates a bigger issue when she throws the fit then gets her way! I'm sure I sound cold hearted but we are well into the terrible twos & we just have to stand firm (which is really hard on Wednesdays since my days are so long). Sounds like maybe Daddy has won this battle! It's actually quiet in the house now. Hopefully it lasts!

Good Night All!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn Douglas!

Shawn Douglas Cox - January 23, 2002

Well...eight years ago at this time I was just getting into a wheelchair from lying flat on my back from a spinal block for my c-section & Shawn was on oxygen & many other machines in the NICU.

Shawn has always had a good appetite so when the doctor said "He's got his mouth wide open!" it was an epiphany & also what led to his adventure with neonatology. He sallowed aminotic fluid & created some pretty serious lung issues for himself. Little by little over the years, I've realized how serious his situation was but not truly until Anna Kate was born & we had a normal scenario did it really, really hit me!!!? That's a lotta wires & machines!!!!! But God was gracious to us and he recovered quickly to be released from the hospital 6 days after he was born.

We are truly blessed to be Shawn's parents!!!! He is a wonderful young man of God & I can't wait to see how God uses him. We are extrememly thankful to know that he belongs to the Lord, and he really does want to do right...just struggles sometimes?!?!? Don't we all!!!!

Shawn has had a big 2 days!!! Yesterday, he & Daniel started the day with Donuts for Dad @ school (sorry no pics) then AK & I checked him out for lunch @ Burger Shack.

Back to school for a little while then I picked him up along w/ 2 friends for a birthday sleepover. Another friend would also join us @ the house. Fed the hungry boys pizza...which between the 4 of them they ate 2 pizzas!!!! Then it was off to bowling! (picture confession...forgot the big camera but it was so so dark & also disco nite so pictures just weren't in the cards). Here's one try for a photo w/ the phone...

Shawn & Max

Back home for chocolate iced brownies & presents followed by some Wii & Alvin & the Chipmunks!!! I know, I know, you're just so jealous right now you can't stand it!!! Please try to control your anger bc I'm so lucky!

After just a few hours of sleep (which I don't do well), these boys were up by 6 to start again. Chocolate Chip Scones & Hot Chocolate for breakfast then time to go home! We really didn't kick them out the door, but they all had plans!

Then it was off to Little Rock for a day of fun! We met my parents & brother for lunch @ Genghis Grill (Mongolian BBQ) then off to search a pair of Puma shoes, their present for Shawn. We didn't have to search too hard...found them @ the mall then off to get him a haircut & to buy mom a new phone. We were going to eat dinner out, but Shawn got puney (spelling???) on us so we headed home & drove thru Chick-Fil-A. He did perk up a little bit, but I feel certain we'll be going to see the doctor by Wednesday!

Mom had made him a cake based on his description...chocolate cake with green icing & white lines like a football field. Here's the outcome from her adventure w/ Anna Kate....

Anna Kate was in charge of placing the footballs & my dad made the goal posts! They all did a great job!!! We brought it home & Shawn had a small piece before bed.

That pretty much recaps the day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Most importantly, we have been blessed beyond measure to be Shawn's parents & God has given us the opportunity to impact his life for Christ. May we always strive for that highest goal!!!

Shawn, we love you & are so proud to be your parents!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wonderful Friday Night

We met my Dad @ The Faded Rose for dinner bc he was out of town on business all week so the kids were dying to see him!!! Plus my mom is having a girls weekend with some of her very dear friends from Magnolia so we didn't want Daddy spending Friday alone. Anna Kate loves to wear my dad's reading glasses so she immediately took them from him.

Kind of hard to see but she likes to wear them on her head! It's pretty funny!

So we started with wonderful company & enjoyed wonderful food! One of my favorite dishes is Shrimp & Grits...yummy!!!! This is a new addition to their menu & it was fantastic!

How could you not be happy after that meal???

Well, Daniel & I got an unexpected surprise when my offered for BOTH kids to spend the nite w/ him!!! What a PawPaw! He was already planning on Shawn staying but couldn't stand it for AK not come too. So...Daniel & I decided to go see a movie. We haven't been to the movie in a while so it was definitley a treat! We both have been wanting to see The Blind Side...OH MY GOODNESS!!!! If you haven't seen this movie, you MUST go! I had mentioned Leap Year but knew Daniel really wanted to see the other (he is good about going to see chik flics w/ me though!). Sandra Bullock is a must in his book though. Well, I'll just tell you that I would have missed a HUGE blessing to have not seen that movie. Also, I'm now the newest & biggest Baltimore Ravens fan there is!!!!

If you need something to do this weekend or even if you think you don't have time for a movie, trust me you won't be disappointed!

Happy Saturday everybody!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy week!!!!

It's been a busy week...with lots of interesting stories!

It started Sunday night after church when Daniel ran back to pick up something I had forgotten & needless to say it got very exciting while he was gone only 8 blocks.

Shawn & I were sitting in the living room I'm sure watching Disney channel when Anna Kate comes in to tell me she's cooking. I didn't think much about it bc Santa brought her a kitchen for Christmas. Well then she comes back to tell me "It's burning!". I expressed my dislike of burned food expecting her to quickly go fix the problem; however, she continued to stand beside me with eyes the size of quarters.

That's when my mommy instincts kicked & decided I better go check out the situation. Well, as I rounded the corner into he kitchen I see flames shooting out of the toaster oven!!! Yep...she had put in an empty box & turned it on. I think I scared her to death grabbing her & literally throwing her on the couch so I could get my feet wet at my new career-firefighting. I found he baking soda whih seemed to take forever, opened the toaster door when flames had a HUGE poof due to the added oxygen, then poured baking soda everywhere while Shawn was opening windows. Needless to say Daniel was surprised as well when he returned home.

I wanted a picture of the toaster but Daniel had it in the trash by the time had overcome the shock of my 2 year old almost burning down my kitchen. It's amazing how obedient this hold has been since this happened. I really think she was terrified!! It's been yes ma'am & ok momma most of the week!

Monday, Anna Kate had her year follow-up appointment for her tubes. She took her hearing test like a really BIG girl (they said like age 3 or 4). She passed that hen we were off to see Dr. Ritcher where learned thy both tubes were out, but sitting in the ear canal. So they decided they needed to dig them out...I know sounds pretty unpleasant but hey assured me it was just uncomfortable & didn't hurt. We go back in 6-9 months since that was one of the only days without a runny nose.

Tuesday, again Anna Kate had yet another doc appointment for her 2 year check up. We are behind since it had to be rescheduled 3 times for various reasons on our part as well as the doc office. She passed all the 2 & 3 year old milestones so we were very pleased.

Wednesday...Anna Kate didn't do anything noteworthy!

Thursday...hanging out @ home eating pizza! YAY!!!!

Well, that pretty much sums up our week! Sorry for such a long post but it's been one of those weeks & it took me a few days to admit the fire to very many people but they say confession is good for the soul so there it is! Glad this week is over & looking forward to Shawn's birthday next weekend!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!