Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

WOW!!! We were predicted to get a few inches of snow...well, the weather guys finally nailed it on the head this time! We got at least 6 inches! It's crazy!

It started snowing exactly when they said it would Sunday afternoon & immediatly began to stick. It didn't stop snowing until late last night. It was absolutely beautiful & I've loved looking out of front window watching the snow come down.

We've been in & out enjoying the all the white stuff.

It's a lot of work to get a 3 year old dressed & ready to go out. That alone will wear you out, but worth every minute.

Anna Kate & daddy worked on a snowman...well, daddy did most of the work & AK would come over & supervise the work.

Shawn had a rolling down the hill snowball fight with some neighborhood boys & had a blast.

He also decided to build his own snowman & attempt to make a Guiness Book of World Records with the smallest snowman...surprisingly there's not one!

He also combined 2 great loves...

Snow & Sonic Cherry Coke!!! Ha!

All in all it's been a great 2 days...snow, family, chili, red beans & rice, and of course, Sonic!!! Out of school again tomorrow so we will see what a new day holds. We will just try to focus on enjoying it now & not think about the fact that we will have to go longer in June :-(

Happy Snow Day everyone!